Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So I have found that I enjoy making maps of places that don't exist, which I use in stories. Fun, fun.
So, what has gone on in the life of Strawberry? What reason could she possibly have for neglecting to blog for four entire days? Surely she must have been so busy that she could not possibly fit in writing anywhere in her schedule, despite how terribly bad she felt about all of it? I'm sure I've made this joke enough times before for you all to know that, nay, in fact, I have pretty much done nothing since the last time I blogged, and I hadn't done anything when last I blogged either. My life is boring, mais c'est la vie or some shit. Although I understand that phrase when bad shit happens, I don't think there's any excuse for just having a boring life. I think tomorrow I'll do something exciting and drastic, like tell the current object of my affections that he is such (although that's not entirely true, KIM!), or not wear a hoodie. I mean I totally won't do either of those things, but it's nice to imagine...
Although, sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be bad to do something drastic, just to see if I could--and what I would do. Haha, now I'm just reading my yearly horoscope, which says this:
Rather than applying your brilliant yet critical mind in assessing other people's shortcomings, you're ready to confront your own strengths and weaknesses on a new level. This year favors the clean slate approach to all matters of self-help, renewal and transformation of your personality. You're leaving many aspects of your old self behind in order to become a better and more authentic version of who you really are.
And now I'm not sure what I was talking about, or if I was ever talking about anything to begin with.
I'm off to write something. Specifically the story I've been writing and rewriting several times this week because it just keeps turning out awfully. But hey, perseverence, right?
So, that sounds endlessly exciting. Never mind that according to the horoscope, that all starts in March. So, why can't I start my soul-searching now? Are the planets not alligned properly for me to perform some deep, meaningful assessment of myself? Do I not have the right energy or some bullshit? Oh, and get this: my yearly 'love' horoscope says if it's "not a soul connection that will transform every fiber of your being," I'll lose interest. Exciting year. Naturally.


  1. We had a snow day today, but you didn't text me :(...


  2. For something drastic, you could, like... dye your hair some really obnoxious color or something. At least that's what I might consider doing if I ever really wanted to, you know. But that's just me. Also, my horoscopes are always so inaccurate! I'm pretty sure it's said I'll meet a cute boy this Valentine's Day for the past 3442309423 years and it's just never happened. Shame.