Saturday, January 22, 2011


Oh, what random inane thing could I blog about today? Certainly not anything meaningful or significant. Mayhaps I will mention that I need a shower, or that I've officially taken the chipped nail polish off of my nails; mayhaps not. Mayhaps.
Tomorrow I'm going to the mall with Shari and Kim! Wonders of wonders. I have a shitload of homework that I'm not doing now and that I won't have time for tomorrow. I'm incredibly lazy. Here's a list:
  • A sheet in math with literally the most inane problems ever; I actually already finished this but I'm complaining about it anyway.
  • A project in World Civ. in which I must make a short portfolia on the best leader, event, cultural contribution, location, written work, and pick-your-own of the cultures we've studied this year. Damn, I don't know what we've studied this year. Besides the fact that I don't care. The good news is that this should be easy, once I figure out what I'm going to pick; the bad news is that it's stupid and due on Monday. Woo.
  • Science text book assignment, which is actually only 20 questions this time but will still take me around an hour, maybe a bit less.
  • Science LAB REPORT(<-death) that's actually due on Friday, but it's impossible to do a lab over the week. At least one day must be devoted to a lab report, and I no longer have a day. I had this day, which obviously was not taken advantage of, and tomorrow, in which I am going to the mall and probably won't get back till 5-ish, maybe later. Ugh.
This may not seem like a lot, but it is. It really is. It wouldn't even be a problem if it weren't for that damn lab. Lab reports ruin everything.
I hate doing homework on Saturday. It ruins the sanctity of the weekend. Ugh, I always feel like I never have time for anything on weekends. Ugh. UGH. Someone do my homework for me. Specifically, my science lab. Please?


  1. Ewwwww homework. ): Honestly, I think the weekend and the weekdays should just switch places. It's definitely not fair that we have more than twice as many days of torture than of relaxation, which isn't actually even relaxation cause we're too busy doing all the crap that we're assigned. AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY TEENAGERS ARE ALWAYS SO STRESSED OUT AND ANGSTY.

  2. That science lab report sounds like a bitch. I would DEFINITELY do it for you if I could. But since I'm a complete idiot when it comes to science or biology or whatever, I wouldn't be much help.

    ovetrowc. Ova-troke. I don't even know..

  3. please tell me that 'wonder of wonders' alludes to the fiddler on the roof song. i like that song.

  4. I hate when work is piled on us. Come on, seriously? The weekend is for RELAXING. Anyway, hope you get it done at one point.