Friday, January 7, 2011

Maybe I won't.

I found a file I had made awhile ago labeled "Books I MUST Finish", filled with stories I had started that I actually felt inclined to finish. The sad part is I've deleted half of this stories in my biannual cleaning-out of the story bin. So I decided to make a new one, except this time with summaries so I'd actually remember what I wanted to write. I only got three books done before I got bored and
Yesterday I joined Kimberton, Leo, and Up at Small Engines, except I really only joined Kimberton and Leo because Up seems to be extremely adverse to my occasionally joining them all in the class. Actually, every time he sees me there, he asks with a somewhat snide, outraged, flabbergasted, and generally rude tone--"What are you doing here?" (put the inflections where you will) and then proceeds to ignore me for the rest of the class. Yup, we all love Wezzers. Or Upperton. I haven't decided.
Then we went to English where I, for maybe the 10,000th time in my life, was presented with a line to speak and completely blanked out, resulting in my standing there with my mouth hanging open trying to remember what my name was, let alone what I was supposed to say.
Oh, and apparently Happy is switching out of my lunch. That leaves me with Sanguine. I mean, I love Sanguine and all, but she's not much of a conversationist. Plus, Happy constitutes 1/2 of the people I sit with at lunch. So joyous day. Joyous f*cking day.
I would apologize for dropping the f-bomb there, but...seriously. I even put in an asterick, to make it less offensive for people who give a shit. I am so damn nice. I mean, I hardly ever say it anyway, so...yeah.
Anyway. I realized I haven't updated my theme song in awhile. I'm sure it's not still Animal I Have Become, by Three Days Grace (no really. listen to that song.). I mean, I don't think I'm that angry anymore. So...yeah. The search begins! Maybe later I'll post candidates. Or...MAYBE I WON'T.

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  1. Asterisk*

    When you said he made up half of the people whom you ate lunch with, for a second I actually thought he was half a person...I figured him and Sanguine did some fancy "Your powers combined" thing (Captain Planet, can't remember if that was before your time...)...Aaaanyways, yeah, he's only got half a body, and I wondered where the food went when he ate it...then I realized what you were saying...Im tired -.-