Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Decrees and Origin of Plastic

Have any of you ever wondered the origin of 'Plastic'? And do you honestly expect me to take the time and consideration to explain it? Heh, no.
Today, while walking to the bus stop, I managed to slip on a GIANT NOTICEABLE SLUSHY SLICK OF ICE on a driveway, and fall on my knees. It didn't hurt, because they landed in slush, but--cold. And wet. And awful. A great start to the day, naturally.
In English today, we took a ridiculously easy reading exam, and English Teacher(<-I have hereby given up on giving my teachers names) tried to make small talk about the book I was reading from World Civ. And this was me: um. And this was his hair: damn spiky. You know, yesterday, he didn't spike his hair. That is something students need to be prepared for. It was a weird length, and lighter brown than normal (because normally it's jacked up with copious amounts of gel.) I say it's a sign of the apocalypse. Heh, he didn't hear me yesterday when I made asked him if he ran out of hair gel...
In art we once again used someone else's artwork to create a picture instead of our own, which sucks ass. Art Teacher is on a Japan-craze. I really have no idea if this was supposed to be part of our curriculum or not, but I guess so. We're copying(*RAGE!*) postcards that she got from her Japan trip. I haven't gotten very far, because I spent more time talking and complaining about how hard it was going to be than actually doing it...heh. We also drank green tea, which I knew I didn't like, but I asked for anyway. It was bitter without the bitterness. Neugh.
Oh, and I'm probably going to the mall some time this weekend with Shoobi. Yay! Now that I've posted it in a public forum, it MUST be true!
I hereby decree that 'y'allmost' is a correct contraction of 'You almost'. I HAVE DECREED IT. LET IT BE SO.


  1. I like painting bonsai's the one cool thing to paint from Japan. Everything else is sketch-worthy, but bonsai needs paint to really express itself...


  2. Spiky hair English teacher? Nice.

    Sorry that you're copying stuff for art.

    y'allmost is amazing. thanks for decreeing it.

    byjacki. like BYGEORGE! but not. :P