Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some things just don't work the way we want them to.

I need a haircut. Seriously. I'm bordering on shaggy by this point, if I haven't already crossed the line. But I hate spending $15 on a haircut (well, my parents hate spending $15 on a haircut) if all I do is trim, not cut. Because, like, where's the excitement? WHERE HAS MY MONEY GONE? But I also don't want to change my hair. I don't love it where it is, but I'm kind of sick of it short. Besides, cutting your hair short when it's really long is so fun :) I don't particularly want it long, though, either. Ho-hum, dilemma...

Okay, so, Demogorgon has officially edited a story I wrote. A short story. I think I may've posted it. May've isn't a word. Anyway. It was exactly a stellar review. They liked it, said the writing was good, but it didn't "flow." And I'm just like...what. Not that I don't think it needs edited, but...it doesn't flow? How am I supposed to fix that? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHANGE THE "FLOW" IF THE WORDS ARE ALL RIGHT?

So, yeah. That depresses me.

I also really need new jeans. I have five pairs, and I hate three of them. Seriously. One pair is skinny jeans, which both emphasize my terribly awkward knees and make me look somewhat pudgy (them being skinny jeans and all). One is about a size too big for me and are, like, light-wash, which therefore makes them ugly [on me, so don't get prissy.] And finally, one would be fine, if it wasn't TOO DAMN SHORT. So that leaves me with my favorite, and my second-favorite, which I wear on Monday and Tuesday, and which I have already exhausted for the week. So...I need new jeans.

I have been writing for the last half hour or so, with Kim. The requirements are: a short story about eternal love (original, I know) with one of the characters underwater. Mmhmm. So, I will post that when I'm done.

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  1. Dilemma, dilemma! I hope you can work through, 'em. (I sound like a guidance counselor, ick.)

    And flow is hard, but! think of good transitions, think of your sentence structure and try to keep that varied yet patterned. In other words, if the sentences are: long, long, medium, long, long, long, the flow is off. Long, medium, long, long, short, medium, medium, long will create a better flow.

    I dunno, that could all be crap. I'm trying my best here!

    Can't wait to read this story you'll post.