Monday, January 24, 2011

Owl Monday

I got a 96% on my science test!! Hollah. This is the seventh high score I've gotten in a row. Now I'm afraid every time he passes back tests in case, for some reason, I've messed up and broken the streak ^.^ That would make me sad. Quite.

I'm getting hot chocolate from Starbucks in a few. That makes my life complete.

I have a science lab due on Friday that I haven't started yet. I figured it would be easier just to turn it in on Monday, so I could have the weekend to work on it. Silly me forgot that the marking period ends on Friday, which shoots that plan to hell. So, damn.

I'm torn between liking someone and just finding them interesting. I don't think I like him. I think I just want to like someone, because I'm so damn bored with no one to write about =.=
Of course, I've still entertained the idea that I've almost shut down emotionally (at least in matters of the heart) since a certain someone pretty much drained any semblance of a healthy relationship between me and, well, my heart. Or I just haven't found anyone yet.

Today the bus came late (again!), but arrived literally thirty seconds after Gem's dad started driving us to school. It just occured to me that I forgot to mention that to my parents, but mostly because my fingers were so frozen after being stuck in 6 degree weather for a half hour that I probably was incapable of texting, and then I just forgot after school. Just like I forgot that I had brought lunch today (a granola bar which I ended up having on the bus home), and just like I forgot my science homework. I'm a forgetful person. Some things just aren't important enough to remember.

Today was Owl Monday, and Thursday will be Chicken Sock Thursday. Everything is better now.


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  1. 96%! Niiiiice.

    Ughhhh. I wish there was someone for me to like. But no. Everyone that isn't taken is just a douchebag. Even new kids! All he did was brag about how he had Gucci shoes and his uncle owned PNC Bank. Ugh.

    Aww man, luckily I convinced my mom to drive me to school so I didn't have to get frostbite this morning, but I feel for you. ):

    And make some post it notes to yourself to remember or something! At least that's what I do. :D