Thursday, January 27, 2011

A new century.

It hindsight it was not the best idea to save my massive lab report till the day before it was due. Good thing I can finish these in a day. Good thing it was a snow day; if it wasn't I'd be so screwed right now.
Naturally, of course, I've written the outline and now I'm procrastinating. Actually, I was just reading some old poetry I'd written. In seventh grade I wrote a lot of crappy poetry about, well, a person who hated me that I...didn't hate. In eighth grade I started writing sonnets. Like, only sonnets. It seemed weird to me to write a poem that wasn't a sonnet. Recently I guess I've been breaking away from that...I still don't like any of my poetry...
But now it's harder for me to write poetry because I don't feel anything for anyone. Just like I'm no longer interested in love songs. I just can't relate anymore.
Okay. I should get to work. It's Kerm's birthday! Wish her a happy birthday, everyone, even though she doesn't actually read this blog! Or hers!


  1. YOU ARE SO LUCKY YOU HAVE A SNOW DAY. I swear, the entire northeast got twenty inches of snow BESIDES here. Of course. Le sigh... But yay for procrastination and saving things for the last minute, haha! Ah, and I can relate to the fact that you can't relate to love songs/love poetry and whatnot anymore. Haven't been able to for a while really. :P Oh well.

    Happy birthday Kerm, whoever you are!

  2. I do the same thing! haha, procrastinators unite!