Friday, January 14, 2011

Another uninnocent elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults.

I'm a terrible person for not blogging. It's not even for lack of things to blog about! I'm just a terrible, terrible person.
On Wednesday (even though it was forever ago) I kind of sat around, and went sledding with Vera and co. 'Twas amazingly cold. I, like an idiot, wore thin cloth gloves and, at first, couldn't even feel my hands. Then I got some mittens and everything hurt. Everything hurt.
On Thursday pretty much nothing eventful happened during school. I staid after for a Model UN meeting that lasted all of fifteen minutes, then went to Kerm's house. Yay! Didn't get a whole lot done, haha. I had to stay till almost 10 o'clock since my dad worked late, but her mom didn't seem too annoyed, so that's good. We had Chinese food and stuff. And it was cold--the weather, not the food.
Today--not a whole lot happened, I guess. Just a regular Friday and all that. We just started trapezoids and kites in geometry, which was of course the pinnacle of my day. Had lab today, which did not involve burning things, and therefore was not exciting. We just got back from P. F. Chang's, which had an AMAZING dessert thing that pretty just made everything else better. Yeah.
So I guess I did have a lack of things to blog about. Oh well.
[The Well and the Lighthouse--Arcade Fire]
I think I'll write something.
[Mistaken for Strangers--The National]


  1. I have to disagree. You're not a terrible, terrible person. On the contrary, you're actually a wonderful, wonderful person. :)

    coloar. like color, but way cooler!

  2. Yay for sledding! :D I haven't been yet this winter, despite the 3824923 feet of snow outside. Come to think of it I don't even remember if I went sledding at all last winter. Hmm.

    Oh, I've heard P.F. Chang's is quite delicious! I think there's one around here so I may have to try it. Yum!