Sunday, July 26, 2009

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[Get Out Alive--Three Days Grace]
^-- New favorite song. LISTEN TO IT. If you don't, you're house will be set on fire. You have been warned.
Why is it that people mistake hopeless for desperate? Shy for snobby? Depressed for bitchy? Heartbroken for selfish? Why is everything you do twisted by someone else? Why is everything you are something else in the eyes of those around you?


  1. They are people who have never felt hopeless, shy, depressed, or heartbroken. They are in their secure little bubble and think since nothing bad ever happens to them, nothing bad ever happens. It's like trying to explain an object to a blind person, they wont 'get it' until they can really experience it for themselves.

  2. I say perspective.

    I actually LOVED Twilight. I finished the first one in a day, it was so good. New Moon pissed me off. It was depressing how "lean on me" Bella was about Edward when he left. I figured it was pretty pathetic; I mean, what can you do if you can't live without a guy?
    The only other thing that really bugged me about that series was the "battle" scene at the end. They pretty much talked it out. Lame. I love battle scenes.

    Why didn't you buy New Moon?

    Hahaha, people think I'm a bitch too at first for the same reason. Some never stop thinking it, but I like it like that;) Just kidding, I don't know what they really think anymore, hence I wish I could read minds.
    I'd rather not go into why Basil is like that (for your sake), unless you want to tell me. Sounds like to me, he's just being lame.

    Haha, discuss.

    Yeah, POA is one of my favorites. I also love HBP. I hate it when people only see the movies. The movies never capture the "magic" of it the way the books do. My friend actually really liked the POA movie. I just kinda looked at her like, you've got to be kidding...