Sunday, July 5, 2009

I tried to do handstands for you, but every time I fell for you. I'm permanently black and blue, permanently blue for you.

Fireworks are magical.
A noisy field filled with strangers, occasionally glancing at the flashing lights in the distance; the police. Glow sticks parading around on the necks of the anxious children and fun-loving adults. The buzz of thousands of voices is everywhere, old and young, large and small. Children giggle as they toss their magic glow sticks around in the air and chase each other, with the eyes of worried parents on their little backs. Large families spread out on little blankets and lawn chairs, gazing at the sky and at each other.
Suddenly the sky explodes with red, and every heart stops. It can't be called a hush because it's too sudden, too shocking. The first fireworks are quickly followed by more, and more. Multi-colored stars explode and sparkle across the inky black sky, illuminated the smoky skeletons of their used-up predecessors. White and green and blue rain down the sky, sparkling and dancing as they slowly fade and die. They burst, burning our eyes with their glowing outlines and wrenching our ears apart with their deafening booms. For just a moment, every soul wishes the fireworks could stay up there in the sky forever, illuminating the cold night with their explosions of color. Maybe, just maybe the world would be a better place...
Eyes are glued open, absorbing the magical fireworks, the joyous bombs. You cannot blink, you cannot breathe. Chilly wind bites at your bare legs but you can't move, you can't adjust. The explosions in the sky have you frozen in place, struck by the pure joy they exude. Surely, this must be what freedom is about. This must be what we celebrate every year on this unassuming date. Thousands of strangers brought together, as familes and friends and lovers, to witness something incredible and beautiful, something that might be done all the time but means something more on that one night.
There is no rain date for freedom, no saving money on love. There's no shyness in celebration. Imagine the impossibility of it...a community of strangers sharing something so sacred with people they don't know, people they do know; with light splayed across the ground and splattered in the sky, with hope filling the air, with freedom setting the fireworks ablaze.
By God, there's nothing better.
Oh my, today was fun. I went to the King of Prussia mall with Lolo! I guess not a lot of particular note happened. I played Barracuda (Heart) on Guitar Hero at a Sony store with a creepy teenager waiting for most of the song to go next, and then commenting that I was on level easy as I walked away. Oh, and we never went into the juniors section at J.C.Penny's. I just realized that.
Lolo doesn't really like Mountain Dew. Hmmph.
After this I'm writing a list of things I want for my birthday on my List Blog (MOM AND DAD). So check that out if you want. Haha.
I finally sold Lolo my Sims 3 (doesn't work on my computer), which brings my total cash up to $69. Oh, the possibilities...
I have the creativity and intelligence of a scientist, but I can't put them together. It's either one or the other. Hmm...
Oh, the joys of fireflies.


  1. I would be honored if you put it in your favorite phrases. And i've always like the cold better than the hot.

  2. okay i can agree with that. but then your cold and my cold and your hot and my hot are different

  3. well a really nice day is in the 68 - 78 range hot is over 80 or so and cold is below 63 i guess ( i just picked random number so it still can be cold if it's 64 i am just guesstimating