Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am immensely talented.

I freaking love My Chemical Romance.
Just so you know, that's completely unrelated to anything I'm going to blog about. Actually, I'm not sure what I'm going to blog about, since I'm only blogging to beat my past record of a month and a couple days. I'll have to check how long that is...
So. Onto the title. My parents, in thier infinite fairness, have decreed that I can't join drama till I either publish something in the school newspaper or join a sport. Being the usual mad genius I am (wow, I'm really letting go of the humbleness on this entry, aren't I?), have decided to throw this challenge back in thier faces by writing an article on the glories of teenage angst (okay, so I'm not actually a teenager yet, but bear with me).
[21 Guns--Green Day]
It kinda rambles, but besides that, it's all the sarcasticly insulting wittiness you've come to love from yours truly! :D I might post it. Eh. It's titled, most brilliantly: I just realized. I hate you all.
I'm proud of myself ;)
They (Bally and the other teacher in charge of newspaper) will never let me publish it, but I have ways around that :) I doubt any of you have ever heard of The Hoaxel News, but glory be, it beats the Raptor by a landslide. I could so run a newspaper when I grow up.
Or I suppose I could try submiting it to an actual newspaper, but the thing is, it's not really professional like that. It's not particularly informative and it rambles. Eh.
I bet you're all super curious to read it now ;)
And now, the song that inspired it all!
[I'm Not Okay--My Chemical Romance]
Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun the non-believers!

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