Friday, July 31, 2009

The two personality traits that top my hate list.

[Helena--My Chemical Romance]
Cowardly, traitorous. I don't see why so many people are these things. I expect you to be loyal to me when I do so much for you; I expect you not to back down when I challenge you. Do I have high expectations? Oh, it'd also be nice if you weren't selfish either.
I hate people.


  1. hi... my two personality traits hated would be untruthful, and controllingness

  2. this girl who just happened to make the volleyball team, this year is the worth case.... last year on the middle school team, i was appointed captain, but she acted like she was, and everyone knew she couldn't serve, but she insisted on it, on game point... now i am stuck with her for this year... ugh.. i don't know how she made the team.

  3. well i don't hate people in general, and i usually give the person the benefit of the doubt. my best friend, she doesn't i have to like keep her in check... haha....

    yes, that my picture. i was getting tired of the dictionary.

  4. Sure thing, have at it.
    You are officially tagged.