Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I was tagged by Lizzie! Ya-hoo!

I will now take a break from what I was doing before (writing) to do this (more writing).
What have you been thinking about lately?
Oh, God, don't ask me this. No matter what Lolo says, I have much more than three thoughts a minute. Mostly, I suppose, writing, but that's always on my mind in some form. My most recent story, which has yet to be named. Going to the mall (specifically Charlotte Russe) to do some serious shopping. The $75 I have burning holes in my purse. My birthday, and what I will do for it. Vera. My little families on the Sims 2. Blogging. How no one's ever on Facebook. One of my older, more Narnia-ish stories about a girl named Danielle. Getting a new phone. The Clique. Shopping for school supplies. My pimplish face (ugh). Getting a pedicure. Pens. The 8 button on my phone. The All-American Rejects. My lack of commitment to my poor stories. My friends. Memories. And this is just the stuff I can remember right now. My mind's a maze; my thoughts are murderous zombies who jump out at you.
What's been on your mind?
Wait, isn't this the same question as the first one? Um, murderous zombies.
What are you excited about at the moment?
My rekindled writing talent (and to think, just this morning I was complaining it was gone!). That's kinda major. Oh, and the glorious, beautiful $75 in my purse. Oh, sweet non-brokedness.
When was the last time you made a difference to somebody?
Pssht, I make a difference in everyone I meet. Haha, really though, I hope I made a difference to my friends. DID I, GUYS?
Who are you really happy for at the moment?
I can't say that I am happy for anyone. It's not like anyone has done anything particularly happy-making.
You know what? I'm happy for Liddy. No one knows who that is! Mwahaha!
When was the last time you felt inspired?
I am inspired every waking minute. I believe most writers are.
Not by anything in particular, though. I draw my inspiration from some deep, unknown pool in the back of my brain. What it would be like to venture into the pool...
Wow. Weird answer. I can't be serious for five minutes, can I? :D
If you could be in your dream place at the moment what would you be doing?
I wouldn't be in a place per se, but more of a state of mind. Everything I wrote would come easily and be beautiful and entrancing. The blockage on my Pool of Inspiration would be gone.
Or I'd be in a pool with all of my friends. I'd know how to swim. We'd be cracking inside jokes and sipping lemonade and just enjoying each other's company. I'd be texting MarkyMark and Basil. The sun would be blazing hot, but no one would mind because we were all in the pool and we'd all have lemonade and smoothies. There'd be no clouds and light would just fill the air like it only does on sunny days. Then we'd all have a sleepover, because perfect days should never end.
Or I'd be at a dance, in a beautiful dress. My hair would be up and my face would be completely clear, and hopefully, beautiful. I'd wear high heels that I didn't trip in. I'd be dancing with someone I loved, someone who loved me, and our love would soak into the evening and make the roses just a little redder and the stars just a little brighter. I'd know I could never be unhappy with him, as he could never be unhappy with me, and for just one night, the world would be perfect.
Or I'd be resting my head on top of a great, shaggy dog in front of a cackling fireplace. I'd be in a tan-with-design turtleneck and jeans and I'd be sipping on perfect hot chocolate (which is hard to come by). It would be snowing outside but inside, my house was warm and cozy. I'd be completely safe, completely unafraid.
There are many forms of heaven.
If somebody was describing your personality, what would they say?
Intelligent, witty, shy, mean, sarcastic, deep, violent, pretty sweet. These are the things I've actually been called. I don't know what I am myself.
What are you most proud of?
My intelligence (hey, I'm not being conceited, I really am smart!). My artistic ability (writing included). My mad skillz with debating. There's a lot I'm not proud of, though, but no one ever asks what you're not proud of. I guess no one ever asks what you are proud of either, but hey. Oh, and my blog!
What's been tempting you lately?
The money in my pocket and my desperate want of new clothes. Not a good combination for me. I'm a bit of a stickler, and yet, I love to shop. Contradicting much?
Asking someone if they think I'm pretty. Yeah. Seriously. I'm extremely vain :D
What's been the one most consistent thing in your life?
Throughout my entire life? Being paranoid. Being afraid of disasters and death. Worrying. Notice a pattern here?
What do you love about people? or What do you love about (person’s name)?
I hate people. We're all essentially worthless (no offense, ma best budzzzz! XD). We're vain, selfish, greedy, pig-headed, and ignorant. Now, I don't hate indivuals (well, most of them), but humanity as a whole.
What do I love about Basil? He entrances me. He's so interesting. Everything he does draws me in. I can't wait to see him. I'd rather be near him and in pain than away from him. He's hilarious and so extremely smart.He's so vital. There's something in his eyes that's different from everyone else's.
That's the most I've ever said about that particular subject.
TAGGED: Nat, Lolo, and everyone else on my Awesome People list who happen to see that they were tagged.


  1. I think your pretty. :-) Just sayin


  3. no offense, but that is a stupid name for a newletter..

  4. Two more [highly] recommended books I just thought of:

    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum [it's a classic! and in some ways better than the movie.]
    The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.

    haha, I'm glad you did it and thanks for spelling my name right! :]

    Venes: A way to misspell neighboring planet, Venus