Friday, July 24, 2009

Six major bubbly things.

I guess you'd have to read the Uglies series to know what that means.
1. Sharpies! Pens, markers, highlighters! Sharpened/mechanical pencils! Writing utensils make me super happy. Keyboards included. It's even better when you're holding a writing utensil in front of a blank piece of paper, an empty notebook. That little bit of excitement fills you up and for a moment, just a moment, you feel like you could do anything. Or is that just me?

2. Epic tales of wonderful epicness. I love that feeling after you read or witness or do something epic that's just like: wow. Like the grand finale to the Harry Potter series, or a battle of wits between two enemies, or a freaking awesome fight scene in a movie. Lord of the Rings is a prime example of AWESOME EPICNESS.

3. Music, but more specifically, how music makes you feel. When I'm angry, I listen to Linkin Park or Three Days Grace, it gets me angrier, like a fuel to my fire. When I want inspiration, I listen to My Chemical Romance. When I'm sad, I listen to sad songs, songs that make me want to cry. There's something alive in music, something that draws out a kind of power within you. You close your eyes and let the emotion in the music drain into you, till you're alive along with it.

4. Friends are the happiest thing I remember. Without them, I don't know what I'd do; they give me strength. My friends are the greatest people on Earth. They may not be heroes to the rest of the world, but without them, I'd be nothing.

5. Encounters with, ya know, guys. If Basil associates in any way with me, and it's not mean, I'll be smiling for a week (like that one time he complimented me! eeeee!). When I texted Tyler yesterday, I couldn't stop giggling. Maybe it's just because I'm so used to people, especially guys, hating me, that when they don't the heavens open up and angels fall from the skies and serenade the world in joyous songs and rainbows.

6. The sixth and final thing that makes me happy is happiness itself. Holidays, laughter, miracles. Love and family. Parties, luke-warm soda, the energy in the air. A child being born, getting a new pet, sitting in a chair and reading a book, or petting that new pet and hearing it purr. A simple tune, a movie with a truly happy ending, soldiers coming home from war. Without happiness, where would we be? What would the world be? A shell.

You must be getting sick of all these horribly unfunny entries, but bear with me :) By the way, Lizzie tagged me, if not indirectly. I tag: Lolo. She could use a longer entry.


  1. i love that feeling too, when you get like a new notebook, and you first write in it. and whose this basil your always talking about?

  2. haha. interesting name, but then who am i to judge. the guy i like nickname is tito, because he real name is real long and complicated, and he doesn't like to use it. it's like chautemoc or something like that. haha.. before him there was a xander (alexander)and before that was a bridges (thomas)and before that was a paul (paul)....haha