Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's the quiet sob
masking the inner scream,
the burn right before the bomb
that blows up everything.
The sympathetic friend
who you don't know is on your side;
the one you can't bear to lose
but you're losing all the time.
The tears clawing through your eyes
after the confession is told;
the heart, wrenched open, speaks,
but not as loud as it should.
The secret that reveals
everything you hid,
but there's nobody to hear
anything you said.
The tremors, the shivers,
that tell you that you're weak,
when really you have nothing left;
it's companionship you seek.
The sneering, smirking enemy
who feeds off all your pain,
and though you won't admit it,
puts your life to shame.

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