Friday, July 17, 2009

Some people just don't understand the phrase "my inspiration has fled me"...

Nat wants me to blog, so, here I am.
If you could have any super power in the world, what would it be? I would read minds. So I wouldn't feel so lonely all the time.
So. Blondie is a complete and utter perv/asshole. Like a bad version of Nick (we all remember him, right?). And Nat seems completely unaware of this...I forwarded her the whole conversation...of course, Basil is an ass too, and I still adore him.
I'm never texting Blondie again.
Speaking of Basil, GUESS WHAT HE DID? GUESSGUESSGUESS!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!111!1
Bet you thought something good happened. Hah. No. He DELETED me from Facebook. DELETED ME. There are not words to describe that level of hate. And he presumably did it weeks ago, after the whole 'bitchy' incident.
Words can also not describe my rage, and less expectedly, my heartache.
I know he hates me and I know he's an ass. I know he's a player. I know he's not particularly cute or anything. Again, I know he hates me. But I can't let go of him. Not even when it's as patheticly hopeless as it is.
Sigh. I know how ya feel, Nat.
The really, really, really so-depressing-you-need-pills thing is we used to be kinda friends. We TALKED to each other and played around. He told me random stuff. THEN I started liking him and THEN I started acting like a freak. Even last year, when I had all my classes with him, I just...I just wasted everything.
I wish I could tell him this without regretting it. I wish he wouldn't regret me.
Sigh. Depressed entry over. Signing


  1. Haha I'm aware of it. I'm not stupid. I'm just able to see thru it. Heh heh... hes so freakin hot...

  2. Aw, that'd be cool. Haha, I'll believe you WHEN YOU GET ME A PICTURE.

  3. my second choice would be invisibility

  4. Nat we should get a picture of his ankles!

  5. Ohemgee no! I don't want his ankles, I want his supposedly hot face!

  6. Me too. I've always wanted to read minds. Well, that was after I wanted to fly. And after I wanted to do the whole invisible/force field thing. But it's always been up there.

    Haha, yeah, I pretty much read it non stop for two days after it came out. And then I read it again.

    The only time I cried in that book was when Harry was walking to his death, and when he didn't actually die, I was like, oh, never mind then.

    Haha. Discuss.

    Haha, I love a twisted way?

    A-freakin-GREED. It was definitely NOT about their love lives. Throughout the entire movie I was speechless partially from the fact that it was Harry Potter, and partly because they messed up the entire principle of the movie. Again.

    Okay, I got to go right now.