Friday, October 23, 2009

I can thrill you more than any ghoul would dare to try.

My life is measured in Mondays.

Oh, and I'm not going to the dance tonight, because NONE OF MY FRIENDS ARE. Poohey.
*sigh* If you want the truth, the fine: I wish you'd tell me everything.
[Empire State of Mind--Jay-Z and Alicia Keys]
Well. Music was fun today. I partnered with Sanguine (previously known as Tiff) to make a song which ended up being deleted accidently, AND when Mr. Murmy was explaining how to record songs, Basil was positioned almost directly on the other side of him so SOMETIMES it looked like he was looking at me -.-
My patheticness is patheticy.


  1. Aww, don't feel pathetic!

    I'm pretty good, despite being sick at the moment. Sorry for the delayed response.

    Not much else is going on. I've tried to cover the major events in my posts. Sadly, they end up being humongous.

    You know what irks me? I know exactly who that one mean commenter was a while back. She knows me and I know her in real life.

  2. hehehe. Thanks! :]

    Sadly, it is so. Actually, I had a gut feeling it was her as soon as I read the comment. I figured it out because my former best guy friend and her now ex-boyfriend knew the URL to my blog, and she must've heard about it, maybe even seen it. She said my friend couldn't read it anymore...what a hypocrite... Anyway, she just commented how I know she talks and she uses "ur".

    In fact, I was anxious that by posting about that pumpkin contest and showing the pictures that she would go into school and try to get all of her friends and herself to vote for someone else to win.

    Maybe she wants me to paranoid. Maybe she's just jealous that I can write so well. Maybe she just needs to back the heck off.