Thursday, October 15, 2009

We get so sick, oh so sick; we never wanted all this. Medication for the kids with no reason to live, so we march to the drums of the damned as we go.

Martin Luther King is inspiring.
[Young--Hollywood Undead]
Well. Well well well. I cannot express the utter contempt which I feel for Basil. Or at least I wish I couldn't. Apparently today in LA he asked Kim if I still liked him. And Kim, being the wonderful person she is, said "Yes. A lot a lot a lot."
After which he apparently "stared at me for like two minutes" but "I was looking down" and he had an contempt-y expression on his face, or at least that's what Kim looked like when she showed it.
Forgive my French. I just kinda want to scream. I hate how little he cares. How little impact I have on him when my world just revolves around him. God.
Other than that, though, today was fun!
We didn't have math cuz the math teachers were grading Learnia (test/disease) so we just had longer classes. My, fun. That actually wasn't so bad, though. And after school, I went over to Lolo's to make posters for Debate Club (starting the 27th, baby!) and really just ended up messing around on the computer and eating chocolate chip muffins. Yum.
I'm now going to look at my horoscope for tomorrow and see if it's worth posting.
Gah. It's pretty lame but I can't copy it anyway. It says I shouldn't be pressured into buying something. Lame. Imma look at my love horoscope.
Okay: I'm pretty darn charming and people have trouble staying away. I should bask in this. Yay! And I should have a heart-to-heart with my most trusted pal. Who's my most trusted pal? YOU'LL NEVER KNOW.

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  1. Note on Basil: If he's too stupid not to like you, do you really want anything to do with him? Take the blinders off kiddo, there are others out there just waiting....