Friday, October 30, 2009

I know you know I'm beautiful.

[What I Wish Was a Song]
I wish you knew
what you do to me.
Well, actually, today was a pretty good day.
Halloween: Halloween tomorrow! Hurrah. Let the angels (or just me) sing songs of jubilation. I wish I could post a picture of my costume, because I actually really like it. And other people do, too! When Bloom bumped into my wings in science, he said "Strawberry, nice costume." and Horsey said I looked pretty! Ch'yea. And, since I was an angel, when I passed out papers in LA Tall said, "Thanks, angel," in a flirty way. Haha, he jokes with everyone, but I still made me smile :)
Language A: GOD. I HATE SPEAKING IN FRONT OF CROWDS. I was the LAST PERSON to present my essay and spent the entire class shaking from head to toe. And then I couldn't start right away because I was so nervous and I kept remembering to have good posture but I'd forget a moment after. But I actually did pretty good after I started, and Mrs. Haden whispered/mouthed "Excellent job//article worthy//better than most adults" when I handed it in, and I got like two compliments on it afterwards :D Oh, and I discovered Lesil is in all my classes.
Debate Club!: Wow. Mrs. Haden calls herself a benevolent dictator and most times, it's true, but there was no benevolence in how she acted today. I think it would've been more fun if Lolo and I were in charge, but hey, that's just me. We kinda saved it towards the end, and BASIL AND APPLE WERE THERE. I think Nat was wrong. He ACTUALLY WANTED TO DEBATE. And he didn't look at me the entire time, just like he didn't look at me when I presented my speech, which I know because I snuck a few glances at him. Not even when I addressed his group because it was time to debate! Gawd!
The applause is deafening when he doesn't clap.
Newspaper: My article has been published! Hurrah! The newspaper came out today. And I've decided. Everyone's known for something. I don't know what I'm known for now, but I want to be known as a great writer, if nothing else.

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