Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not loving you is harder than you know.

Okay. So, yes, she is skinnier and prettier than me, and she's really nice. I wish that weren't so much of an excuse. I wish I had an excuse.
Oh, by the way, I'm going into obsessive mode again. These can last from anywhere between an hour to a month. You have been warned.
This song makes me cry. Seriously. Of the two songs (off the top of my head) that made me cry, they're both from Escape the Fate. Messed up much?

How can I miss you if you never would stay?

If you need time I guess I'll go away (I'll go away)
Inside me now there's only heartache and pain
So where's the fire? You've become the rain
Are we just lost in time?
I wonder if your love's the same
Cause I'm not over you

Baby, don't talk to me
I'm trying to let go
Not loving you is harder than you know
You're driving me so crazy

And if you don't want me than
I guess I'll have to go (I guess I'll have to go)
Not loving you is harder than you know

See? Sadness.
Really, nothing's happened, except I'm obsessing majorly.
[Harder Than You Know--Escape the Fate]
SO. Today we had an assembly for the start of Red Ribbon Week, and it was BEAST. Haha, there were BMXers and they did cool tricks. Haha, once of them was named Hector.
And debate starts in a week. And drama is tomorrow! Along with the parts! WOOT.
*sigh* Now I will sulk.

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