Monday, October 19, 2009

You all stop and stare; I don't need your pity.

[It's Just Me--Escape the Fate]
Love this band. Majorly.
I also love poetry, oddly enough. Words in general. It amazes me the sheer amount of people I know who aren't.

Unforgiving moon
who mocks me from her silver throne

whose careless crass
has unhinged me from my
mother’s womb
and left me cold and afraid
in her silvery light
and like a shadow she creeps
through the cracks in my heart
to leave her ugly mark
in the recesses of my soul.

I was going for depressing, actually. Wow. I'm amateur. I remember in Red, a blogger named Kathryn had a poetry blog and she was incredible. She actually still has a blog here, she just hasn't blogged on it in months. Apparently, no one has. Or commented, either. WTF, PEOPLE?

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