Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So give me all your poison and give me all your pills, and give me all your hopeless hearts and make me ill. You're running after something that you'll never kill, but if this is what you want then fire at will.

[I'll Be There For You--Bon Jovi]
I'm back to Trebuchet! Woot!
So I'm thinking of doing something stupid and a little bit reckless and very desperate. I really just want something to happen, and WE ALL KNOW how brave I am online. I'll do something ridiculously idiotic on here that I would never do in real life and then regret it in an instant--but I digress. Hold on, Imma get my iPod.
Huh. I just realized that I didn't need to say that cuz you'll never know if I leave or not. WONDER.
[Thank You For the Venom--My Chemical Romance]
So I'm on a MCR kick again. And DID YOU KNOW BASIL LIKES LINKIN PARK? HUH? DIDJA? I BET NOT. I suppose I shouldn't say this if I'm to go through with my plan, but whatevs. Anywhoos, this excites me cuz like a LONG TIME AGO Kim asked me what exactly we had in common, and of course I couldn't think of anything so I just said we both liked music, and she said that didn't count cuz everyone did. BUT NOW WE ACTUALLY LIKE THE SAME BAND. BOO-YAH.
[Helena--My Chemical Romance]
I listen to this song when I'm depressed 0.0
DRAMA AUDITIONS TOMORROW. Ch'yea they are. Imma fail miserably then act happy when I get a chorus part.
Honestly, though, I don't care. I'm not lead-material. I don't handle pressure well. I can't sing. I'd forget my lines. Get stage fright. My acting is only so-so (sad face :().
I feel like I'm moping.
And now, since no post would be complete without a Basil-rant: I was handing in a paper in science (during content lit) and I SWEAR I thought Basil was in that class. And GESS WUT, I didn't look for him! I didn't, really! Only to realize he was in humanities, but whatevs. It's a step forward.
Wow. I guess I shouldn't go through with my plan now. It'll be WAY TOO OBVIOUS who Basil is. Of course, part of me is dying to just let this secret go, but part of me is still sane.
[Famous Last Words--My Chemical Romance]
[Dead!--My Chemical Romance]
I REALLY NEED to talk to Kim. Let her talk some sense into me. Cuz I really, REALLY want to post my little bloggy on Facebook. And it's BAD.
Or maybe I just want people to know me. Or stop keeping so many damn secrets. It's dangerous to your health after awhile.
Basil wants to be a college professor! How awesome is that?? Yes, I read his bio-poem, and no, I'm not a stalker. It was just THERE. Gawd, he looks so cute in his picture *dies*.
I just keep thinking that I wanted to be one too a few weeks ago! GAR.
His haircut looks funny.
Damn, I'm so terribly unfunny today. I sound better when I'm ranting about how much Basil hates me.
Imma listen to Linkin Park.
[One Step Closer--Linkin Park]
I freaking love this band.
I guess I shouldn't post the blog. I mean I'm not the only one who has one. Nat would never forgive me. Ever. But maybe it'd be better for us. To be known. Cuz I'm only shy in school, really. I have a personality beyond quiet/withdrawn/invisible.
[With You--Linkin Park]
[By Myself--Linkin Park]
[In the End--Linkin Park]
[Don't Stay--Linkin Park]
[Hit the Floor--Linkin Park]
[Faint--Linkin Park]
[Breaking the Habit--Linkin Park]
[Numb--Linkin Park]
[What I've Done--Linkin Park]
[Given Up--Linkin Park]
[Leave Out All the Rest--Linkin Park]
[Bleed It Out--Linkin Park]
[Shadow of the Day--Linkin Park] {HATE THIS SONG!}
[Hands Held High--Linkin Park]
[No More Sorrow--Linkin Park]
[New Divide--Linkin Park]
[Pts. of. Athrty--Linkin Park]
I'm like a collector.


  1. About halfway though, when i read the post this blog on fb thing, i exed this page out, cussing really loud and saying "no! dont! she couldnt! f*** f***!" Yes. I said that outloud.
    Than when i saw your status wasnt the blog, i calmed down and finished the entry.
    Now I've thought about it. Maybe it isnt such a bad idea. It would deffently get your name out, you would be heard for once. But it would also be social suiccide (yes, you thought of that, but it fits so I'm stealing it) So yeah. Just think first. Its up to you.

  2. LOL. That actually made me laugh.
    Haha, no, it wasn't.
    And yes, it would, and this whole thing fits vaguely in with the phrase "Better to stay silent have people THINK you a fool then speak and remove all doubt." And I don't know why I added that in, cuz you already knew that, because you're telling me! Jesus. Curse the fool who invented such an easy means of destroying your life.

  3. Never put anything online that you wouldn't say over the PA system at school.