Sunday, November 29, 2009

Have mercy on us all.

Ah! Did you know I have not one, but THREE soul mates??
It all started when I saw Blonde at the Farmer's Market. His nose was kindy pointy, like his face, but I thought: "Well. He's cute." He had blonde hair, too (hence the nickname). Then I thought: "Hmm. If I see him again, he is officially my soul mate."
But that seemed too narrow-minded. Why just that ONE boy? So I decided "the next cute guy I see will be my soul mate!"
But I began to despair, because the only guy anywhere near my age that I saw after that was ugly as heck. What if I didn't see any cute guys? Or what if my soul mate was *gasp* UGLY? But then, alas! As me and my mom were buying roasted peanuts, I turned around and came face to face with Blue.
Our eyes met, and I was jumping up and down (mentally) with joy because HE HAD TO BE MY SOUL MATE, and he had the most INCREDIBLE blue eyes (with the exception of Nick from last year).
But then I saw--oh no! He was wearing SWEATS. How could my soul mate ever dare to wear sweats in public?
I still thought that maybe he didn't have anything else to wear, but THEN. That's when I met Brown.
My mom and I were looking at phone cases when he asked, "Do you need help with anything?"
EEK. *dies* He was like a younger version of Blue, but with pale brown eyes, which I have never actually seen in real life before. He was even wearing a similar hat. *dies again*
BUT MY STORY ISN'T OVER YET. As we were walking down the row, I saw BLONDE again! Again. He noticed me and turned around as he passed, probably because he recognized me from the first time we saw each other.
So, let me ask you: who is my soul mate?

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