Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You wouldn't want to be me if you knew who I was.

That picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I just like it.
So......what has happened? Debate was not today. New Moon tomorrow. I'm starving. I just made a sandwich. It's delicious. Conceited people annoy me. I'm only good at one thing. And I want to post a picture of a puppy to be random, but it's not being random if you think about it beforehand.
Love me or I'll murder you in your sleep.


  1. wow "love me or i'll murder u in ur sleep" ? that isn't intimidating at all. so when is new moon? not that i'll be allowed 2 watch but i'm just curious. so....
    over thanksiging i'm going to see my grandparents and feast on turkey, my fav part of the turkey is the turkey leg...
    can u believe how gross aaron was acting 2day on the bus? that's just sick!!!
    i hope we watch a movie for the 1/2 day.

    ps. what are ur fav 3 colors out of this chioce that go 2gether

    hot pink
    electric blue
    neon green
    regular blue
    sparkly gold
    sparkly silver
    and i think i have purple

    i'm not telling u what this is for it's a suprise.

  2. I know it's not :)

    Well, it's out already, but I'm seeing it tomorrow. Awww why not? :(

    Fun, fun. We're going to, you know, eat. A lot.


    Me too. Like, really.

    Um....blue, other blue, and black. Or silver, pink, and green. Why?

  3. rupity!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why dont you have my name under "i support fat robots!"? im gonna eat you! write it like this:

    "i support fat robots!"
    - Maia, PHD

    PS i read ur blog for once!

  4. I like that picture too..... :)
    I hope that you enjoy New Moon!
    And this would have made me hungry for a sandwich if I hadn't just had one myself ;)

  5. i told u it's a suprise!