Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You can leave your friends behind.

Well! Today was interesting, at least. We went to the art museum!
Check dat sucka out.
Yup, we looked at French artists and discussed impressionism. We only got 30 minutes to look at all the other stuff, though, which sucked :(
We ate lunch in this park-ish place behind the museum with an awesome view of this awesome white house in the distance, with a single yellow tree out front that would make SUCH a good painting. Haha.
Since Mrs. Newman told us to 'dress nice', Basil, Apple, and Gross dressed up in suits :) So we dubbed them the 'Men in Black' (MIB). No, we're not lame at all.
I would just like to mention that neither Basil nor any of his friends look like them.
OMG, and on the bus, I was sitting next to Silver with Lolo and Ani next to us, AND THE MIB WERE RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. Gah. And then my friends were teasing me about being a stalker (which I am NOT) and Ani asked Basil if he thought I was a stalker, and he said, completely seriously, "Yes". GAH. THAT BOY THINKS I STALKED HIM.

Besides that, though, it was a pretty fun day.


  1. I finally left a comment! Sounds like ur field trip went better then ours did. They messed things up the schedule so we didnt get a tour and we had to eat lunch in our school cafeteria. Luv ur blog btw :) C u 2morrow

  2. The museum and everything sounds fun to me! That's awesome about them resembling (but not really resembling) the Men In Black haha.... and don't worry, all of my friends tease me about being a stalker to hahaha ;)