Friday, November 20, 2009

I hope there's a mirror in your cell to break every day you wake up and take a look at yourself.

Now calm down, just another tear from the sad clown.
[Moving at the Speed of Life--Living Legends] <--new favorite song, by the way.
So! I need to write 5,000 words by tonight. Can I write 1,000 words an hour? WE SHALL SEE.
OMG I almost forgot to mention this: today, Silver was teasing me about Basil, when Alicia (who was near us) asked who we were talking about. Silver was like, "Oh, the guy Strawberry's madly in love with." and then Alicia kept asking who it was. I didn't tell her :)
Oh, and Happy finally got onto my blog! Hurrah!
I shall now share with you my grades.

Art: A+ Follows expectations consistently.
You best believe it, foo. Considering how much I doodle, art BETTER be one of my best subjects.
French: A Excellent progress, Is a pleasure to have in class.
Well, Mrs. Newman does love me :) or at least likes me.
Humanities: A Excellent progess.
I actually like humanities...even though we always have a crapload of class work...
Math: B- Mantains consistent effort.
Haha, I was so scared I was getting a C in math, BUT NAY! FREAKING NAY! I GOT A B, SUCKAHS!!!!
Oh, and I got a 95 on the unit test we had yesterday :)
English: A Good progress, Is a pleasure to have in class.
You best believe it.
Music: A Good progress.
Haha, I fail in music. I'm so not musically inclined.
P.E.: A+ Good progress, Is a pleasure to have in class.
I must say, Mr. Cook is better than Mrs. House in every. single. way.
Science: A- Excellent progress.
You know it.
Technology: A+
Haha, it's impossible to get anything lower than an A in tech. I feel bad for Mr. Feeley. No one takes his class seriously =.=

And there you have it! So I'm not going to make my goal of getting straight A's for a year, but at least I didn't get a C!
Or an F, like Aaron *chuckles, shakes head sadly simultaneously*
You see, I have fairly easy expectations for the school year: don't get below a B-. For me, that's easy. Usually I don't get below a B+.
Oh, and I like to get on all the teacher's good sides (even if I'm not their favorite student). I've never had a teacher that actually didn't like me, because I'm quiet, smart, fairly obedient, and hard-working (at least in classwork). I think I only got Good progress in English because I tend to forget homework more in that class than any other (mostly reading logs, which are abominations), which I'm sure Mrs. Halden doesn't appreciate. But she can't argue with the fact that I'm a good writer, plus I wrote for the newspaper. I'm sure that, when she realizes I'm not writing any more articles, her opinion of me will fall slightly, but can she blame me? Really? I thought not.
[Everything I Ask For--The Maine]
Oh, and I like Daniel. I figured I'd just throw that out there.
I. FOUND. MY. AWESOME. HATE. It was in my backpack the entire time! Wtf! How did I not know that??????
[Moving at the Speed of Life--Living Legends]
Oh, and the song: Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down by Jack Johnson is quite possibly the funniest song ever. Except for this one:
This has been quite the long entry.
OH! And love poems. I found a site with love poems. BOO-YAH!


  1. really ur back pack? how could you miss that? idk!!!
    i need ur help to think of a faux-boy-name and how to get rid of the competition for "catman".
    can you help? thank straw berry!

  2. Heh, it was in that darn computer pocket, where I can never find anything.

    Faux-boy? Oh yeah! How about something old-ish, like Marcus? Marcus Leterton. Yeah. That's a cool name. I would totally want that name if I were a boy.

    Hmmmmmm.....right. I will get back to you on that...later.

  3. Maybe you should write another newpaper article? And make a concentrated effort to remember that reading log? Nice job, sweetie!

  4. i like Marcus but we should change the last name... how about Cirta? if not Leterton is cool!

  5. brain zap! i came up with the per first name! Riven! how about Riven Li? what do you think about that?

  6. i know i seem pretty wierd commenting so many times but i have another idea for a name.
    Chase, so it would be Chase and Joy
    like chasing Joy!
    -cool right?

  7. Joy? Don't you mean Happy? :)

    Um, Riven? Seriously? RIVEN? Even if that wasn't weird, that'd be a girl's name. No offense or anything :)

    Chase is good :) More normal, ya know? Heh, Chase Cirta. Not bad. Not bad at all.