Saturday, November 28, 2009

You could love me if you really tried.

The problem, of course, with moving to Vermont after college, is the cold. I like cold...just not a lot of it. I'm really more of a summer person.

One time, when we were talking, Kim compared us to winter (her) and summer (me). She thought it was ironic that I was born in the middle of summer, and she was born in the dead of winter, and that our personalities matched the seasons exactly.
Except I never thought of summer as could be quiet, certainly, or sad, but never really shy.

I would like to mention that the power went out at 11 while I was writing this, in the hour that it was out I made myself Goth with black makeup, black clothes, and black hair, and then I had to wash it all off because I was going out to do errands with Mother. It is now 4.

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