Monday, November 30, 2009

You are so fragile.

I bet no one's ever called you that before. Fragile. But you are. I can see it. You're like a baby bird that fell out of a tree, helpless and lost. You're an ancient glass ornament: at the slightest touch you would shatter into a million peices.
[Kiss Me--Sixpence None the Richer]
Well! Yesterday was fun. I went to the mall with Ani! Yay. Haha, we've hung out maybe two (now three) times, ever. But I got these awesome blue/purple/black bangles AND the most amazing things ever, black-and-gray striped gloves without fingers on the top with this thing that goes over the fingers so they're MUFFINS!
Hah. I mean mittens. But they SHOULD be called muffins.
RINGO is getting on my nerves. Not that she never has before, but seriously, when will that idiot realize I am NEVER GOING TO LIKE HER? Let me share with you the conversation.

11:15 Ringo: Hey you there
12:03 Ringo: Hey you there
1:31 Ringo: Hey strawberry you there
10:23 Ringo: Hey guess what?
10:25 Ringo: Are you up?
10:32 Ringo: [Hey its Ringo]
8:29 Ringo: Hey are you up?
11:22 Ringo: Hey you up?
7:45 Ringo: If you wanted me to stop texting you, you should have told me.
Me: You should've taken the hint when I never texted back. Or maybe from the fact that I don't like you.
Ringo: Well sorry little miss know-it-all.
Ringo: You know I like you as a person but you know what I don't like is you trying to disturb my friendships and you take my friends away from me. [JEALOUS PSYCHO]
Me: Or you lose them. Did you ever consider that? What, are you jealous that I'm friends with Ani? Well, you should be happy to know we went to the mall tonight, and it was REALLY FUN.
Ringo: I'm not stupid [Really? REALLY, RINGO?] and I heard you got bracelets. Wow on you? Such a gay boy. [Never insult anyone when you're being recorded. Loser.]
Ringo: Oh and I didn't lose any of my friends I think you lost yours. [Is she serious?]
Me: You're not funny, Ringo. Ok? No one thinks you're funny. You can't get jealous whenever someone makes a new friend.
Ringo: I don't, you do. As soon as someone makes a new friend you always try to be friends with them too. [I swear to God she's talking about herself...]
Me: Me? Really? ME? I'm not needy or clingy. I don't try to make new friends. I don't care about new people.
Ringo: Then why'd you care about Ani the first day odf 6th grade if she was a new peson?
Me: On the first day I care but now now. And you're jealous. You really hate that Ani has other friends, don't you? And you have to be friends with them too, or else you have to act like you do around me? You're problem is that I don't like you, and you can't have anyone friends with [your precious] Ani that isn't friends with you.
Ringo: Not true at all [Yes, very, VERY true.]. So on the first day did you care about me too?
Me: Sure. It was only last year that I realized the extent to which I don't like you.
Ringo: So why do you not like me? And you've hated me since 6th grade.
Me: Let me write out a list and give it to you tomorrow. Bye.
And here's the kicker...
NOVEMBER 30TH (today)
5:10 Ringo: Hey I'm sorry about all the times I've been mean to you.

Sorry, I had to go strangle myself with a live wire.
I detest stupid people.
And now I shall talk about colors! Haha, I was thinking about this before.
I would be silver. Or light, translucent blue (the color of my eyes). Happy or sad. Bright and festive or solemn and quiet.
Silver would be green. Dark, like forest green, able to stand out if you look for it but easy to pass over.
Basil would be bright orange, but a darker shade, like burnt orange, like fire.
Kim would be very dark purple, almost like midnight, but you could still tell she was purple.
Ani would be hot pink, the color of the hoodie she got from Macy's over the weekend.
Heather would be a very, very light shade of pink, like the color of blush.
Lolo would be burnt orange too, but not quite as bright as Basil, and much prettier :)
Happy would be sky blue, because she's Happy.
Daniel would be chocolate brown, kind of warm and happy, like his eyes.
Nat would be....well, I haven't decided on Nat, yet.
Marco would be orange, like his fur, the color of cremesicles, and Muddy would be golden-green, like her insanely gorgeous eyes.
Jake would be grayish-brown-black, like his fur.
Apple would be indigo.
Gem would be white.
And someone, somewhere, would be slate gray.

Oh, and I realized that I don't care if I'm respected, but I want to be feared. I feel like an evil dictator.


  1. well then. i don't even know Ringo and she's insane. Sorry you had to deal with that.

    On a different note, great blog!

  2. DUDE. I'm totally back.

    And I'm going to make a new blog. Start afresh, the whole shebang.



    Heh. Glad to have you back.

    Now you need to post. NOW.

  4. okAy, i'll admit that Jacob is quite hot.

    You're welcome :)

    If you get an iTunes giftcard for xmas, you HAVE to get the soundtrack! its a must! :)

    Yeah, New Moon was packed when I saw it too.