Sunday, September 5, 2010


Bah, I have to write two posts a day to make it to 500 by school starting. Ugh, it's hard to type with one hand...I'm trying to get the FIVE LAYERS of nail polish I put on off, and it's pretty much impossible. Looking back, perhaps five layers was not the wisest thing to have. But to get it off I'm soaking it in nail polish remover, which obviously takes up use of one hand.
Thinking now, it probably also isn't wise to stuff popcorn in my mouth with the same hand I just soaked in nail polish remover for five minutes. Ah well.
I went to the mall with Sharicus yesterday!!! 'Twas super fun, indeed. I got a pair of jeans (bringing up my total to 5!! Woo!!) and a pair of sneakers that somehow miraculously got cut down to $15 instead of $30. Woo!
Now my thumb is in the stuff, and it's at a really bad angle. Foo.
Ooooooooh, and Sharicus got me PRESENTS!! Presents being this awesome journal from Staples, a keychain with a cupcake she made herself, and LOTION! Haha. The lotion is all citrusy and amazing and I can't remember what kind it is, haha. But still! Awesomeness!


  1. Every time I paint my nails I end up screwing up terribly and it takes me like an hour and seven coats to get it right. And then part of it chips off the next day and I get so frustrated that I just give up and peel the rest of it off. The end.

    It sounds like a successful trip to the mall to me :D Is the lotion from Bath and Body Works? Cause all of their stuff always smells SO GOOD.

  2. That, my friend, is exactly why I don't put nail polish on. Sorry it's such a hassle! And yet, I applaud your ability to still blog.

    Good luck at school. :)