Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Really, the first thing on my mind about today is that this morning seems like an eternity ago.
Oh, and I missed the bus. Twice. Let me tell you the first time. I'm at what I think is my bus stop (because I really have no idea, you know), getting texts Gem with updates on where it is and stuff, and it PASSES RIGHT BY ME and picks up some random kid I didn't even know went to East. He must be a senior. So I freak out and my mom drives me to some other stop and I get on the bus...yeah. Talked with Gem mostly. Said hi to Happy and Sanguine, who's know on the bus. Nervous. Very.
We finally get to school. I can't find where I am on a map so I ask a nearby teacher, only to discover about five minutes later that I'm RIGHT NEXT to my homeroom class. Pretty much no one I know is in that class, and what I remember of the teacher is that he was wearing a bright pink shirt and had really red skin. It didn't really matter, because homeroom is only six minutes. We didn't get lockers yet. I kinda don't want to.
So I go to my first class, Geometry, and think it's Latin for some reason. Heh. I was originally sitting with Sharicus and Kim, you know, but then Mrs. Betty Uglyskirt gave us assigned seats in alphabetical order, so they were still right next to each other but I was on the other side of the room. Woo. Oh, and I got my first (of three) ten-pound text book to carry around all day.
Then Latin! I mean...then Latin. I like the teacher and her last name so I'll just keep it. Mrs. Smaldore seemed pretty cool, you know, in a young-teacher kind of way. I walk into the class and immediately see it's populated by....nerds...and then I freak out cuz I kinda really don't want to be in a nerd class, you know? The only person I'm even remotely friendly with is Izzy, so I sit next to her. And who should follow me in but Mango and Basil, sitting respectively two and three seats in front of me? I think I'm going to hate Latin.
On to health. Woo! Health actually seems like it's going to be awesome, because ShareBear and Kim and Mango are in that class, and the teacher is awesome too. He suggested I be put on a stool in the hallway and be kicked by seniors for wearing purple, our rival school's color. Haha. Plus there's only like twenty kids in that class, so, woo. Fun!
Then lunch. That was fun *sarcasm*. I didn't remember which cafeteria I was supposed to go in, but I was there early, so I waited around for like ten minutes before finally deciding on Cafeteria 2, then freaking out because I couldn't find anyone. But find someone I did! I ended up sitting with Happy, Sanguine, Grace, and Lolo. Lolo was still kinda distant, but whatever. It doen't really matter anymore, does it?
So then Happy, Lolo, and I all go to English, which consists of 15 people and somehow MIRACULOUSLY *more sarcasm* included Basil. He gave us a questionairre thingy to fill out for homework that I spent wayyyyy too much time on...but I can talk about writing for hours. Haha. Oh yeah, and 'he' is Mr. Spikytan. In case you're wondering why I'm giving them weird names, it's because I don't actually remember their names. Except for Smaldore. I think geometry is Vallies or something, but whatever. SHE IS BETTY UGLYSKIRT. SHE IS BETTY UGLYSKIRT.
*cough* Anyway...that was kinda fun. We're going to read 18 books this year, including Jane Eyre, which is kinda awesome cuz I love Jane Eyre. Anyway. Heh.
Then off to World Civ. I am dismayed to say that it was just as boring as I thought it would be. Plus Mrs. BaDNMD gave us another ten-pound text book, except this one is more like twenty pounds cuz it's FOUR INCHES THICK. In case you weren't sure, "BaDNMD" stands for "Boring-and-Doesn't-Notice-My-Doodling" cuz she doesn't and she is. That was out of order. Whatever. Again I have NO FRIENDS in that class, so I'm pretty sure I'm going to hate that class forever and ever. The one good thing about it is that we're going to read actual BOOKS to 'aid our studies' or whatever, like Animal Farm and The Prince. So...fun.
Then, finally, we get to art. You'd think that would be fun, right? That I'd have one of those crazy obsessive teachers who stay stuff like, "In other classes you'll learn how to read and write...in here you will find your soul!" and stuff like that? A WEIRD art teacher? That should be mandatory for high school. A crazy weird art teacher. And yet no, instead I got some boring old lady. I'm calling her Mrs. Frenchname. I didn't know Sanguine, Sharicus, and Lolo were in that class so I ended up sitting on the other side of the room with people I didn't know. Fuhh. Then we had a stupid activity to "get to know each other" or some crap and I didn't meet a SINGLE freshman. Buttface buttface buttface.
Finally, last class of the day. Mr. Ruin, who I heard was pretty awesome. So I'm actually looking forward to class! But then, somehow, some time between World Civ. and art I managed to lose both my schedule and the map of the school. Buttface. So I get pretty helplessly lost, and some nice teachers help me, and a nice student helps me, and I FINALLY get to class. Yes, it was pretty awesome. Not much to say there, really. I got my third and final ten-pound text book of the day.
So you know you my actual name doesn't end in a 'y' but my nickname does? All of my teachers know me by my actual name. Imagine them calling me Strawberr. Because I didn't want to correct them. Blahh.
So then the bell rings at 2:20, and I don't have a map, so I pretty much don't know which way is up. I'm trying to follow the current, but there are students going in EVERY. DIRECTION. and I don't recognize anything or anyone and it's SCARY. I finally get outside and, now, imagine someone picked up about 40-50 buses and THREW them in front of the school. That's pretty much how it looked. No order, no anything--I met Gem and alas, she couldn't find it either. IT WAS NOT THERE. I mean, seriously, who ever heard of not being able to FIND your bus?? And then they start leaving. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu--
So I call Mother Dearest to pick me up, and it takes awhile since we live on the COMPLETE DIFFERENT OPPOSITE SIDE OF TOWN, and meanwhile Gem texts Aaron and finds out that our bus was AT THE OTHER ENTRANCE TO THE SCHOOL.
I finally get home around 3:30, to start on my homework. That ends up taking three hours. I don't even know how. I was also trying to organize all my books and papers and things and figure out what I needed to do and needed to get and it was CRAZY. I guess I'm just not used to this stuff anymore cuz it was pretty much a jumbled mess in my head. And in my living room. And now I've spent like an hour writing this, and I need to take a shower soon, and happy 500th post!! Oh man I'm tired.


  1. Yay! You're not dead!
    And LATIN! you get points for that, at least in my book.

  2. HAPPY 500TH POST!

    And happy beginning to high school, haha. :D I'm glad to hear that you have survived... so far at least. Hehe.

    Whoa, wait, how many cafeterias do you have?! We have one, but I guess that's cause our school has like 600 people total.

  3. (they pronounce it may-ah)September 8, 2010 at 10:45 PM

    5ooth post. wow. excitement. so, you think you have it bad with two classes where you dont know anybody?! my homeroom: one girl i slightly remember form kellman. science: emily. lunch: emily and some girl neither of us knew before yesterday that we are now friends with. french: maggie and heather. art: i DO have the art teacher who talks about souls, and genesis is in my class, along with that boy who played puck in the play we saw. NO ONE ELSE IN ANY OF MY OTHER CLASSES THAT I KNOW. and, why didnt you correct them? thats stupid.