Sunday, September 12, 2010


So, hello. I'd just like to mention that, no, I did not have a stroke of genius with the pen thing. So it remains. Blafrle.
But I went to a sculpture garden with Sharicus (Shoobi?) yesterday! That was fun. I just wish they didn't take themselves too seriously. No, we are not going on a "journey of self-discovery" or whatever the hell they said. They're just pretty statues.
Except the one of the girl peeing. That wasn't pleasant to discover.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand...that's pretty much it. Today is the day I do homework. Woo.

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  1. There was a statue of a girl peeing? Well... that's certainly an interesting journey of self discovery... Haha.

    Today is my day for homework too. Can't wait. Look how excited I am. :|