Saturday, September 18, 2010

I can't stop now I know who I am.

[Eclipse (All Yours)--Metric]
There's really no reason I haven't blogged, except my mind's been on other things. More important things? Things I should be writing down. Just not on here.
I'm about to get rid of some of my homework (holy noodles I have a lot of it) but I felt like I was leaving you all in the dark...haha. Poor you. You were probably all going into withdrawal because I didn't post for a day. FORGIVE ME. I'M HERE NOW.
[I Turn My Camera On--Spoon]
In case you wondering what's with the random music, I'm listening to an 'Indie Rock Mix' and so far I've bought 6 songs...heh.
So, yesterday, I decided I can't stand to hear my geometry teacher speak. She's so mind-blowingly annoying, it actually kind of blows my mind. Plus she's kind of an idiot. We went over a worksheet in Latin that I pretty much failed, mostly cuz I didn't really read the questions and never translated...luckily, she didn't check :D But still. At lunch, Lolo pretty much ignored me, so I've decided not to bother with her anymore. I mean, seriously, did I do something? Or did she just decide she didn't like me at all, for whatever reason? What the hell, it doesn't even matter, does it? One less person I have to worry about.
In art EVERYONE at our table labbed out except for me and Leo. Leo and I? Whatever. We drew ribbon, and I learned he doesn't like acoustic music. Note to self: find out what political paty he is. It's BOTHERING me.
Finally we get to science, where I pretty much fail a test. No, scratch that: I do fail a test. I ended up leaving about half the answers blank because I had no idea, and completely guessed on the extra credit. Sigh. This was the test: one column, names of elements, with a space for the symbol next to it. Another column, with the symbols and a space for the elements belonging to them next to it. There were somewhere between 30-40 questions in all. There was no way in hell I was passing that test.
I kind of hate Vampire Weekend.
[Spaceman--The Killers]
Yeah, so, that's pretty much it. I feel like I should be hanging out with my friends. HEY FRIENDS WANNA HANG OUT. Yeah, they're never on here anyway. I'm bored.


  1. Well hey, you never know! Maybe you'll surprise yourself and actually pass the test after all! ...Maybe, haha ;P But it does happen. There have been multiple instances where I guess on every. single. question. and still somehow manage to get a good grade....

  2. Oh, but I just listen to the Tom Lehrer song...And then its easy!