Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My memory has never been the want a second chance?

Only, like, three people commented on my last entry, and one of them was my mom, and I told Sharicus to, so that leaves Silver, who didn't shower me in glowing praise (I need it or I shrivel into a ball and die.) But Silver never does that, so whatever. In case you did read and just didn't comment, I changed Emma's last name to 'Allore'. Fun times.
Today in the middle of World Civ, there was a fire alarm. A real fire alarm. Like, there was an actual fire. So we all go outside for like a half hour, and it's freaking hot, and when we finally got inside and the bell rang we thought we were supposed to go to Period 7, except my Period 7 is on the other side of the school from my Period 6, and I walked all the way down there only to discover we were still supposed to be in Period 6. Guh. So I finally get back there, and of course my group project thingy has to present then, when I'm all sweaty and unrehearsed and it sucked. Really. It sucked.
Oh, and today was Picture Day, which is capitalized for some strange reason. Luckily that was in Period 3, so I wasn't all sweaty and gross. That's always a good thing. Can't wait to see how those turned out. But I did get to hang out with Kimber and Shoobers for an entire period, so woo :) And I had a cookie/curly fries for lunch!
Oh and when we finally switched classes after the fire drill, I went all the way down to the art room only to discover we had to go to the auditorium, because APPARENTLY there was still a fire hazard or something. Wut. But the auditorium was air conditioned :D And art was boring. As. Hell.
On the science test right after, I only left TWO of the questions blank :D Go me!
Oh wait.
I have nothing else to say. I like making PowerPoints. Goodbye.


  1. Yeah, but Paris was a douche.
    And if you had gone with Hera or Athena's choices, he could have gotten a pretty girl as well...

  2. NO. YOU CANT DO THAT. HER NAME CANT END WITH AN A IF HER LAST NAME STARTS WITH ONE. NO. BAD. if i can make a suggestion? make her last name something with two syllables and no letters in common with her first name. with the same letter twice, but not necessarily one after the other. then, kill her. and please tell me his name isnt damon.

  3. Whoaaa, where was the actual fire? That's kinda scary. Ah, picture day is always such an annoying hassle...

    Cookies and french fries are definitely two major food groups essential to a well balanced meal. :D