Saturday, September 25, 2010


So, question of the day: if there really are aliens out there, and they really do want to control your brain, who's to say tin foil would ever stop them? I mean, I'm an alien, and tin foil sure doesn't keep me from slowly rotting you're brains from the inside out.
Lol jk, I don't need to be an alien to rot your brains from the inside out :D In fact I'm doing it right now...but...just...keep...reading...
And furthermore, were there aliens who wanted to control people's brains, why on Earth (I feel like that should be a pun) would they want to control some unwashed hillbilly/old lady's brain? You'd think they'd go after the President, or something.
Second question of the day: when you read my title, did you think it was serious? Haha.
I just cleaned up some water that spilled on the desk, and underneath it was like, white. In all other places the desk is a blotchy brownish color. Haha, filth.

So, I think I've discovered why my blog isn't super-popular, after an extensive study comparing my blog to other blogs (okay, no, I'm just making everything up as I go along.) Here's what I've gathered:
  1. My background IS white, which is step one, but the layout isn't customized or anything. That's mostly because I know nothing about HTML and even if I wanted to, couldn't design my own. But people seem to like blogs with original templates better so I guess I have to figure it out, huh?
  2. I don't really talk about things "in general." This isn't a huge one, because there are a lot of really popular bloggers who talk about their own lives, but it always seems the ones that talk about broad, interesting topics are the most popular. Of course, a lot of people dismiss my opinions anyway because I'm fourteen, but that's not so much on Blogger...
  3. My font is too small. I think my font is a perfect size, and frankly, I can't seem to get the font a large, easy-to-read size without it seeming sloppy. Have I ever mentioned that I really hate large font? I do. With a passion. But other people seem to like larger font. Which brings me to my next point.
  4. The blog itself seems small. Almost cluttered, plus the smallish font, plus the fact that I don't have many entries posted up all the time. I think I might need to change that. Oh, and my entries aren't very long. That doesn't help.
  5. I don't comment on other people's blogs that much...heh. I mean, I try to comment on the people I already know, but new people? Not so much. Maybe I just have high standards, haha. Or I'm shy. Or I'm pretty bad at commenting in general. Whatever.
Now I'm off to revamp mah blog! Hurrah!


  1. If aliens really are out there, they're probably just waiting for all of humanity to destroy each other before they come and take over the earth. Or something. Haha, I dunno.

    I'd say the best way for someone to get their blog popular is to start following and commenting on other peoples' blogs a lot. Either that, or you're a fashion blog with tons of pretty pictures haha. Those are insanely popular!

  2. slightly smaller font. one post per page, with all your side stuff at the bottom. a simple patterned background, and a colored font.