Friday, September 3, 2010

At first I was afraid; I was petrified.

[I Will Survive--Gloria Gaynor]
If you're thinking that this song is THAT song, you know, than it is.
I would very much like to inform you that Mountain Dew Throwback is awesome.
So I haven't written in like three days >.< but I am now. Obviously. I'm writing this. But I mean a story, haha. Obviously. Anyway...I feel like I have something important to do, but I can't remember what it is. I know I have to bring all my clothes upstairs and see what I'm gonna wear, but I remember that, so obviously that's not what I'm forgetting. Blah...
I've done even less than I did that day I spent hours just playing a video game. It helps that I need a shower and I have a killer headache, which my soda temporarily numbed but is now making worse...yeah. Heh. See, this is yet another great reason I shouldn't ever try drugs.
Is it just me or does Drew Barrymore have a weird face? Anyone? I swear I'm the only one.
In case anyone is wondering, as I'm writing this I'm doing a lame that could be from the seventies. Did you know the song I'm listening to is like eight minutes long? It is. You just...You just gotta DANCE to it, you know? Or sing along, you know? YOU KNOW?
Fssht, I spent like an hour yesterday going through stuff on the Forever 21 website, and it DIDN'T SAVE MY BAG. I mean, really?? Usually it lasts at least a couple days. Now I have to go through everything again. I even made an account, so it would save it! Bahhh.
[Every Day is Exactly the Same--Nine Inch Nails]
By the way, this song is my theme song for school. Jussayin'. You should listen to it. You'll see why.
You know, I really wish I could buy things online without my parents. I mean, it's not like I'd buy anything I didn't want them to see, it's just I get pretty embarrassed when I show people things and they don't like them, you know? Although I don't see how anyone could not like this shirt, but still. Plus I don't like having to get approval for things...or relying on people for things...yeah. It bothers me.
I suppose I could just go into the store to find things, but really, if you've ever been in Forever 21 you know it's impossible to find ANYTHING. Except the last time I was looking for something there, but that was luck because it just HAPPENED to be with other stuff I recognized. Yeah. But you know, I kind of love that store, mostly for the prices. I mean, hot damn, they have some cheap stuff. Notice I said "stuff" instead of an alternative. Just notice. Anyway, they also have some freaking expensive stuff, but I got my graduation-dance-dress for ELEVEN DOLLARS.

Well, by this point I'm just rambling, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow! :D COUNTDOWN TO 500 WOO!! AND THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, WOO!!


  1. F21 does have a lot of awesome stuff (By the way, I noticed. Thank you, dear.) that I've ordered. And there's other things in my shopping back now.

    I'm addicted to online shopping. This is bad.

    I think I had more to say, but this is what I get when I start to write a comment then completely walk away.

  2. *bag
    but what if there were shopping backs? hmm.

    Corse -- seems like it should be a reflexive verb in spanish meaning to cut (oneself).

  3. Going to the actual Forever 21 store is like an entire adventure for me, haha. I could spend hours going through the jam-packed racks and mountainous piles of clothes strewn throughout the store, grabbing anything that looks like it would be remotely good and dragging it into the changing room, where ultimately 90% of it doesn't fit or has something wrong with it. But, for that other percent of clothes that do work, it's a definite success. :D Though I guess online shopping might be easier...

  4. i like that shirt. it might contrast with your pink skin, though. maybe. i dunno, it might not. its a cute shirt.