Monday, September 13, 2010

Day the Third

And so it goes on! Excitement. I talked to Bruce today! More excitement.
Hrm...I kinda finished my Art thing and now have to draw a picture of one of my furries for Wednesday. Seriously, who has homework in ART? Man, we have so much homework, it's ridiculous.
I suppose the highlight of the day was when I wrote an essay...on a book I've never read. Oh yeah. That's just how MAD SKILLED I am.
I really should write more, like I have been, but it's just late. And I hate that I know consider before 8 o'clock late, but that's how it is. I have to take this damn nail polish off still. And shower. And go to bed. And hope that I actually hear the alarm clock tomorrow morning, cuz I didn't today. Woo.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand....that's pretty much it. Farewell.


  1. We don't have homework in my art class! Muwahaha. Well, I guess probably cause it's ceramics and you can't really take the clay home and all, but whatever.

    I slept through my alarm today, too. Let's hope that doesn't happen to either of us tomorrow!

  2. Wait. Who's Bruce?

    I didn't have school today. Sorry you have homework in art. That is very odd. I mean, I technically should always find time to work on my drawing but that's different because I'm a third year so I'm supposed to be dedicated and what not.

    Have a good day tomorrow!

  3. what book did you pretend to read? i DID read 'go ask alice', but ran out of essay-time.