Thursday, September 16, 2010


Art was fun. I've discovered the name of the guy who's going to marry Sharicus, which is Jacob. I wonder what his nickname will be! Decisions, decisions. Oh, and I drew a light bulb. Always fun. Oh, and Leo is now my best friend EVER! (Sorry Kim/Shari, I'm replacing you.)
I'm trying to think of something that happened today but I'm pretty much drawing a blank...haha, I swear, I have short-term memory loss or something. kind of hate Mrs. Uglyskirt. She hasn't worn an ugly skirt for the past week. She's been wearing other ugly clothes. I think she's going to spite me. Plus she interrupts EVERYONE. It's like, dude, if you're going to ask a question, LET PEOPLE ANSWER IT. And she'll give us a problem and act like it's really hard, even though it's not. In the slightest.
Latin was Latiny. I guess. There was a fire drill at the very end so I ended up getting to health before everyone else...but that's irrelevant. Jackface doesn't know how to spell 'ninja.' I'm serious, she spelled it 'ninga' and then Sharicus, who is also bad with these things (haha, sorry Shoobers, you know it's true) spelled it like that on the poster she had to make. It was amusing, haha. I kind of felt bad for Jackface, who seemed a bit down when we all silently acknowledged that it was her that spelled it wrong, but...who doesn't know how to spell 'ninja'???
In English, where Mr. K-haeaeh is obsessed with the proper meaning of 'theme', I worked with Happy to turn a 'subject', which was change, into a 'theme'. In other words, Mr. K-haeaeh is a bit of a jackass. Just because he makes such a big deal over what's a 'theme' and what's not. See, according to him, a theme is a more specific, but not very specific, form of a subject. Wut. Oh, and I don't think he's graded the essays we did on Monday, which is annoying. Very. QUITE.
World Civ is *%&#ing boring. There's really no other way to say it. Mrs. Maniac WON'T. STOP. TALKING.
Art was fun, though. Mrs. Frenchname pretty much let's us do whatever we want, after she casually mentions whatever it is we're supposed to do that day. I pretty much chilled out with Lolo, Shoobers, and Leo (and Jacob!) the whole time, smudging pencilstuff to make it look like a shadow. Then I drew a person. Go people! Haha.
Science was okay. It went by fast. I'm talking more to the girls who sit next to me, Deer1 and Harsh, which is always good, because the alternative is staring silently at the board the entire time. Strawberry remember: social interaction GOOD. DURRR. Now I get a treat and am sent back to my cage.
Wait, what?
Anyway. On the way out I met up with Nat and Silver (hi Silver!), so, woo. Heh. ME, HER, AND KIMBER WILL HAVE AN EPIC MOVIE FEST. I WILL MAKE IT SO.


  1. We have a Jacob. We nicknamed him Fluffy.

    I am pretty sure that most of my teachers are both normal and completely brilliant...I don't have an issue with a single one save for Mr. I-Pick-Favorites, my tech teacher. He bugs me.

    I like the nicknames for all your teachers...and "Shoober" is funny...

  2. Idk how u have concluded that there is a future for me and Jacob. I get the feeling he is terrified by me, partially because i have decided to be extra out going this year. I'm slightly confused though, do u like him?