Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Wow. I always assumed that when my fellow high-school-aged bloggers claimed they didn't have time to blog, they just were too thorough with their work. I STAND CORRECTED. And it's not just that I was doing school work for a bitchin' long time yesterday, but when I did have time to blog I was just so tired. I didn't want to do anything but sit and watch Glee.
Today I drew mushrooms in art, and drew a terrible picture of Muddy yesterday. Oooh, and at lunch I drew a picture of some chick that I'm actually pretty proud of. Soooo....yeah. There's a guy in our art class who Sharicus is going to fall madly in love with, and vice versa. He's all artsy and stuff, so...I HAVE FORESEEN IT. MY WORD IS LAW. And after she breaks his heart, he'll come crawling to me :D
I can't really think of anything I've done today. I've managed three days without a schedule or a map or something, so yay! Haha, most of the time I just blindly follow people and somehow end up in the right place. It all works out, you know?
Hrm. I remembered a lunch today, but still ended up taking most of Happy's grapes :) Unfortunately, Lavender is still sitting within earshot of me, and the putrid, shrill garbage that shallow, half-brained imbecile spews is enough to make even the happiest of grapes make a reappearance....She's so disgusting it actually blows my mind. Everything about her is offensive and I feel like I'm losing brain cells just by being around her. That psycho-moron actually tried to peer over at my fabulous artwork when I was showing it to Lolo, who was across from her, and I'm like "No bitch!" and I really can't believe anyone could be so stupid. I would have that the hate-vibes coming off of me would make her realize that...oh wait...I hate her, but apparently she's too much of three-year-old to even realize that.
Hmmm. English has been boring. But then, English is always boring. Mr. K-heaeah's voice is SO HIGH for a guy, you know? World Civ was boring too, but then, World Civ is always boring. All Mrs. Maniac does is talk. Talk. And talk. And talk. Oh, and I'm renaming her Mrs. Maniac because her old nickname is hard to remember, and her real name sounds like Magee and Maniac Magee remember? I don't think 'Magee' is how it's spelled but who really gives a damn?
In Health we made groups for some random, vaguely-defined project, which would've been great if it was just Sharicus and Kim and I, but since there are only five girls in the class so we all got grouped together. Kathy is all right, but Jackface--her name is actually Sarah or something but she reminds me of some girl names Jackie--is so...twinkie. No one will know what that word means, forgive me. But she just doesn't fit in with the rest of us. Kathy less so, but definitely not me, Shari, or Kim. I mean, really, she watches Jersey Shore *shudders*
Geometry is so ridiculously easy, albeit long. I managed to get their on time today, unlike science, which I'm pretty sure I'm just always going to be late for. Art, my previous class, is basically on the complete other side of the school. I mean, really? All of my other classes are pretty easy to get to except for art, and then science.
Hahaha, I was just reading old blog entries when people tried to tell me I'm a terrible mean bully-person, and I didn't believe them. But I've changed my mind on some things (namely, that I don't hate certain people, that certain people aren't psychotic b*tches, that I'd be mad about losing certain people, and that certain people aren't terrible.) I still don't think I was being mean. I know when I'm being mean, and when I'm being honest. The people who disagree with me are usually pansies or victims of a sob-story. But whatever. None of it's important now, is it? I guess it's not really conducive when I try so hard to forget so many things, and yet I have them all at my fingertips whenever I'm foolish enough to want to relive them. Was that sentence convoluted? I think it was.
I don't really have much else to say. I can't decide if I take up more or less space now than I did in middle school. I would say less, except I seem to be bumping in to everyone. Maybe it's because I'm walking around in a half-dazed state of semi-consciousness? Mayhaps. Haha, 'mayhaps' makes everything funnier.
Goodbye. I'm off to do something meaningful and important...or something.

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