Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm so popular.

Not. Haha. Maybe it's my charming, witty personality. Maybe it's my open and gregarious nature. No, but really, I just discovered this tab on Blogger called 'Stats', and it's the coolest thing ever, except I'm very unpopular. The most views I've ever had on a single entry? 82, by some weird fluke, and it wasn't even a good entry. The next on the last? 17. I think what it is is that I don't "appeal to the masses" or "talk to people" or anything. Oh well. I KNOW YOU ALL LOVE ME ANYWAY. CUZ I'M SO AWESOME. REVEL IN MY AWESOMENESS, AND I WILL GRANT YOU MY FAVOR.
Haha mayhaps. Funny word. I'm off to REALLY do something meaningful now, or just go on random people's sites and start commenting on how much I loooooooove their blog (heads up: I don't) so they'll follow me for some strange reason.


  1. OH MY GOSH THAT STATS THING IS SO COOL. That's so weird to see that there are all these people from, like, Hong Kong and the Netherlands looking at my blog... and also kind of creepy. o_o BUT STILL SO COOL.

  2. Hi, this is Abs! I thought I should clarify some things regarding Mix Tape since it has become rather chaotic.

    1. The idea that the posts should ascend as 101, 102, 103... was made with the assumption that a post would be written on the subject every week, however that has not been the case since everyone has been so busy with school. So, in order to keep Mix Tape more accessible to our readers, posts on subjects shall be numbered for the week it was posted (Monday through Sunday). I have taken the liberty of changing the numbers in past entries so that we are currently up to date. This week is week #12, so all posts this week including Sunday shall be numbered as 112. Monday will be 113.

    2. As I said, most of us have been pretty busy with school and work and don't have time to write our posts that week. This is perfectly fine! Though consequentially, I suggest that if you know that you will not be able to write your post for the week, then save a blank draft with the title labeled "[Subject] [#]: UP FOR GRABS". This will allow another contributor to write an entry on the subject if they choose to. Remember to delete the draft once the entry has been claimed or passed up.

    3. If you think you're way too busy to write absolutely any of your assigned entries, then please inform Lizzie or myself of whether or not you'd like to quit as a contributor. We won't hold it against you--we understand!

    4. We're currently looking for some contributors for fashion posts. If you're interested in adding it to your workload, then please inform Lizzie or myself. If you don't want the weekly responsibility, but are interested in writing one or two posts every once in a while, feel free to step in on Wednesdays to do so. Otherwise, it would be awesome if you could help let your own blog readers know that the position is open!

    Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns towards Lizzie or myself by email or blog comments, whichever suits you best. Thank you, and great job on all of those spectacular posts!