Friday, September 10, 2010

Only 99 more to go...

...until we can next celebrate numbers ending in '00'.
So sorry for not blogging! Wednesday I was completely dead. I mean, I know they say you're tired all the time in high school, but after two days I was DEAD. I was pretty much asleep for all of World Civ (which is just as boring as I thought it would be). And then yesterday I had a terrible headache and did not feel like doing anything. But I did do something! Dad finally got me a birthday present! A FISH TANK!!!! Haha, this probably doesn't seem that exciting, but it's AWESOME!!!11!1! I can finally get more fish! Hurrah! Huzzah! Hoo-lah! Bonsoir! Oh wait no...
So far, though, the box has contained: the wrong lid and a filter that's too big. Annoying, yes, but it's worth it to HAVE A FISH TANK WOO!!!!11!!1!1! I wonder what fish I will get! Hoo-rah. Excitement.
Moving on to school now, haha. Second day: much like the first. We got lockers, but no one uses lockers. Start of with Geometry, in which we review fractions, and I get all the questions right WITHOUT a calculator (have I mentioned that Mrs. Betty Uglyskirt wants us to buy a $100 calculator? Hail noaw.) Oh, and Mrs. Betty Uglyskirt was wearing another ugly skirt. Not as bad as the first one though. But still pretty ugly. Latin wasn't so bad. I walked there with Izzy, since there was a fire drill at the end of Geometry and we met each other outside. We went over parts of speech in English, which puts us ahead of actual English class in terms of learning English. English. Haha. Then off to Health, which was okay. I once again got chastised for wearing purple :)
Then lunch. It was okay. Lolo was, yanno, friendlier. But I had the great displeasure of discovering Lavender, who is still as repulsive as last year, is in my lunch. Goody. Then me and Happy go to English, which was pretty much dead boring because Mr. K-heaeah (his new name) managed to spread the initial introduction over two days. Seriously, he couldn't have told us how he graded on Tuesday? Oh, and I'm renamimg him because he makes that sound ALL THE TIME.
So I start off towards Art, then remember I have World Civ. That's how boring it is. I forget I even have it. Mrs. BaDNMD is still just as boring. I'm so BORED. Plus she barely even mentioned the homework I spent forever on. Okay more like fifteen minutes. But I took an hour-long break in the middle so THERE. Then FINALLY it was Art, in which I got no work done. We were supposed to be decorating portfolios (read: giant pieces of paper taped together) with our names, in which the letters had to be themed with words that described us. Ew. Y'all don't know my name, but let me tell you, it is not conducive to this type of project. I pretty much complained about it the entire time, then starting doodling faces in the shape of letters, which is really not what Mrs. Frenchname was asking for. Whatever. I'll figure something out. By this point I am SO READY for the day to be over, but alas, I still have science. Having a fun teacher only slightly makes up for the fact that I'm a ghost I'm so dead by that point in the day. Or would that be a zombie? Whatever. The plus side was that we worked in groups to make a [really easy] graph, and Brambilla was in my group (I love that kid), and there were many "That's what she said" jokes.
So FINALLY we leave, and I actually kind of know where I'm going because I have a map, and I actually find the bus!! Not before going on the wrong bus, of course, but it's better than not finding it at all. Happiness. I'd say the ride was about 30 to 45 minutes long, and it was hot, and I was bored, and the bus is QUIET. But then I get home and pass out. And that was my day.
As for today, well, I spent the last two hours watching Project Runway, which of course prompted me to start drawing dresses in my notebook, cuz I am impressionable. Is that the right word? Whatever. But it's the same as when I watch Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? or Say Yes to the Dress and start planning my future wedding, or when I watch America's Next Top Model and start making faces at myself in the mirror. Anyway. Then I tried setting up my fish tank, then I blogged. Now I'll probably do homework, but ick. Just ick.

Other Possible Names for this Post:
  • Fish Live Fish
I just really wanted to mention that.


  1. Yay for a fish tank! Name one, Nemo just cause that's the cliche thing to do. :)

    I'm tired too. After three weeks. Very tired. Like. Dead.

    A $100 graphing calculator right? Yeahhh I have one of those. Yeahhh it was way too expensive but it's pretty and blue and actually helps a lot once you get to the annoying graphing stuff.

    Yeah, after watching Project Runway and ANTM I always end up rummaging through my closet and trying to come up with some fantastic outfit for the next day or something, haha...

  2. Fish are calming...
    I like fish.