Thursday, December 3, 2009

Have I found you?

I'm trying to write a poem, and it's not turning out the way I want to. I'm writing about running away and asking someone to come with me. The words just aren't coming out right.
I've felt weird since I read that book. Like I belong somewhere else. I just can't shake that feeling of incompleteness that's been following me around. It's like, it wasn't an option for Beatrice to be with Jonah. It was a neccesity. I have to know that someday they find each other again before I can ever sleep at night. Geez, now I wish I hadn't read the book.


  1. that book sounds quite intricate. is that the right word? the word i'm looking for? i think so. ha. anyways, you seem to be all shook up after reading it. i must read it now!

    p.s my word verification is voujunch haha! funny.

  2. Heartbreaking. Sounds better than intricate. Maybe your friends didn't pay enough attention.

    Sylat? hahahah very chuckle-worthy.

    My word verification today is pacceedl. Is that chuckle-worthy?

  3. I was never good at writing poetry... so I'm a bad person to give any advice :P But good luck!

    Argh, I want to read this book, even if you say you wish you hadn't read it... that just makes me want to read it more, haha! :