Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I know I'm in love but I can't get over my fright.

Auntie One-Flag sent me not one, but TWO gift cards! One for iTunes for $15, which I currently have $1.28 on (lol), and one for J.C.Penney's worth FIFTY dollars!!!!!!!!! Haha, I am going online shopping.

I feel like I've saved money :) I actually got 15 songs on iTunes, and they consist of:

  • Your Call - Secondhand Serenade
  • Boston - Augustana
  • Kiss Me - Sixpence None the Richer
  • Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson {I like this version better than the original!}
  • Never Let Me Down Again - The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Blue Monday - Orgy
  • The Metro - System of a Down
  • But Not Tonight - Scott Weiland
  • Message of Love - Saliva
  • Bizarre Love Triangle - Stabbing Westward
  • 99 Red Balloons - Goldfinger
  • I Melt With You - Mest
  • If You Leave - Good Charlotte
  • Please, Please, Please - Muse
  • Somebody's Baby - Phantom Planet
In case you happened to recognize that collection of songs, I bought the soundtrack to Not Another Teen Movie! [That would make the second album I bought without listening to all the songs first--haha. I like this one more than the Twilight album.] I REALLY love it so far. Haha, I'm up to Bizzare Love Triangle.

I LOVE Christmas. I love buying presents. Haha. I never gave Kim her present, but oh well. Nat, Ani, and Silver all loved their presents :) especially Silver, but I knew she would. And Lolo got me a teddy bear and a box of *fancy schmancy accent* Ferrero Rondroir, which is WAY better than I thought it would be, and very good. And Nat got me clear mascara, since I'm blonde and it looks weird when I wear black mascara, and I'm currently wearing on one eye and not the other ;P

We watched The Miracle today in school (it was a half day, you see) which was another sports drama and thus was exactly like every other sports drama on Earth. They really are all the same, except in each one the Big Important Lesson was. In Remember the Titans, it was overcoming differences; in The Miracle it was overcoming outstanding odds. The Big Important Lesson wasn't even that different, actually.

After months of griping about how nothing exciting ever happens to you, your friends will suddenly need to remind you that you've been wishing this on yourself -- and to be quiet. Not that you'll mind. It's all about relationships taking surprising turns -- quite possibly because you've decided the old ways don't suit you anymore. You may have some explaining to do.

Hah! I wish. I read that this morning and was hoping beyond hope it had something to do with Basil, but alas, nothing even happened today. Well, Kim said she was going to tell him I called him a bastard (after his adorable little "message" last night), and I certainly hope that gave him quite a lot to think about, but SHE IS NOT ONLINE. I can't even ask her if she did or not. Or apologize for forgetting to give her her gift.

I FORGOT TO BUY VERA SOMETHING. Like, seriously, I didn't even think about it. So I show up at her house this morning like I always do, and she informs me that she's going to give me my present on Christmas, since we're neighbors and everything. And I'm like, ".........yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. Imma give you your present then too!" And now I have no idea what to get her, and tomorrow is Christmas Eve {!!!}, and I feel horrible for forgetting in the first place. I wasn't even sure she was going to get me something. GAH.

Now I'm going to finish my lovely new album (I'm on Please, Please, Please!) and look at the clothes on :) Then I shall FINALLY decorate my tree!


  1. Fifty dollars!? Ya lucky bum.

    Stabbing Westward? That's a band? Peculiar.

    I hate sports dramas. We had to watch them in my Career Research class (dumbest class EVER) and I could almost feel my brain cells start to fizzle and die.

    I don't wear mascara, but I guess it's cool your friend got you some.

    RE: Good point. You might think you're nerdy, but in this blogging realm, it's okay to be. :]

  2. Sounds like you're already getting some great Christmas gifts! :D That's great that your friends all loved their presents as well.. it's always wonderful to see the happy look on someone's face when they open a present that they really like!

    Ah, I hate all those sports drama movies too... except for Air Bud, if that even counts, haha!

    Happy holidays! :)