Thursday, December 17, 2009

I was born to tell you I love you.

Sorry for all the crappy blogging. I'm feeling very unmotivated.
Well! There's a dance tomorrow. Yay! I love dances. And Christmas is in, like, a week! I just wish it felt more like the season. I wish it felt more like anything.

I feel empty inside. Like I have nothing to think about. Because I'm not thinking about him.......well, I am, but in a different way.
I guess I owe you an explanation.
It started in French yesterday. Silver and Ani were working together at a table when who should come over but Basil and Gross. Gross asks Ani: "Do you know who Basil likes?"
"Yeah. Paula."
Then Gross says, jokingly, to Basil, "Hey! You know who likes you?"
"Yeah. Strawberry." *throw-up sound*
"Man, I feel so bad for you. Ani, do you feel bad for him?"
"Isn't Strawberry your friend?"
"And you still feel bad for him? That's pretty pathetic."

Can you see why I'm so upset?

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  1. It doesn't feel anything like Christmas... it just feels like grayness and blahness to the extreme. Have fun at the dance though! And I bet they were just kidding, but yeah, I can see why you might be upset :/ Ugh, I hate people sometimes... :P