Saturday, December 5, 2009

The opposite of war isn't PEACE, it's CREATION.

I love that line.
[Take Me or Leave Me~ Rent]
I have literally done nothing all day. Well, I have, but nothing worth noting. I made a new town on Sims 2 (Lonely filled with, well, lonely singles. I went on Happy Aquarium on Facebook for the first time in forever. I replaced all the crops on Farmville with poinsettas. I started to read The Lord of the Flies, got bored, and looked up the ending on Sparknotes (my God). I'm still in the same mismatching socks, blue yoga pants, and a pink tank-top that's too small that I wore as pajamas last night, except now I have my purple fleece robe on. I need a shower and some coconut-scented lotion.
[La Vie Boheme A & B~ Rent]
Last night was fun, though! I got a call from Ani at 4:30 to see if I wanted to go to Youth Group with her. Luckily, my dad was getting home early, so I could! We played kickball first, and I got slammed in the head AND in the thigh, which was painful. Then we talked about, um, Jesus. Well, I didn't. I just listened. But THEN we played games and the guy in charge's wife brought in this DELICIOUS choco-chip bars. Then we played dodgeball. DODGEBALL. Woot.
Then we picked up Ani's sister at Naruto Middle School (haha, also known as Cars) where there was a dance, and we screamed out the window until her uncle rolled the windows up. I really wanted to see someone from my old elementery school, but alas, I was not that lucky.


  1. you SPARK NOTED lord of the flies?! how could you?!

  2. Haha screaming out the windows. Epic. Sounds like dodgeball was fun.

    my word verification is boring this time. enfan. is that chuckle-worthy at all?

  3. Because I was bored, Lolo. Because I was bored.

  4. I just looked at your quote list and i'm on it! I feel very special! (:

    Second game sounds good!

    Krofesi! YES! Now mine is calvaphr. Kinda sounds like Cal-vah-fur. Haha. pretty chuckle-worthy.

  5. Haha, we read Lord of the Flies for English... I used SparkNotes too :P

    Getting hit in the head and thigh sounds painful, which is why I tend to avoid sports that involve balls flying at you. (That's what she said?) The screaming sounds enjoyable though ;D

  6. Incea. Eh, its not so chuckle-worthy as wonder-worthy. Ya know? Like what the heck does Incea mean?

    I'm glad you like the titel pic! I love yours too! (:

    Sorry you got hit. Definite phooey. :(

    And yes, I feel SOO honored to be on your quote list! :D :D

    ledundeb. LED-UN-DEB! chuckle-worthy? i think so! :)