Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'd die without you.

I wrote a poem a lot like the song Without You from Rent once. It was pretty corny, but actually, the song is cornier. Whatever.
[La Vie Bohemme~ Rent]
It feels like I could just skip weeks of my life. I'd skip to Christmas, then let the next week pass for New Year's. I'd wake up for Valentine's Day, and April Fool's day, then fall asleep again till the end of the year, occasionally waking up for dances and we discuss classes for high school. Then right to the First Day of High School, the most dreaded and anticipated date. I don't know after that...
[Take Me or Leave Me~ Rent]
We had debate for the first time in forever. I went for two reasons: 1) Mrs. Halden wanted me there to help run it, and 2) Basil. I mean, I had to watch him flirt with Van Horn the entire time, but whatever. About a fourth of the original club is missing, which is kinda expected since we haven't had a meeting in a month, so I got to judge. And two of Mrs. Halden's former students were there, a senior and a sophomore, and they helped judge.
[Finale B~ Rent]
It's so weird that I know exactly what I want to do with my life and most people don't even have an idea of what they want to be when they grow up. I'm going to go to Princeton, get my degrees in English Literature and Psycology, live in Paris for two years (with visits to Italy, England, and Ireland/Scotland, of course), then move to [somewhere] in America and, you know, get married and start a family. Hopefully by then I'll have several books published :) I hate it when people say "you never know", because sometimes you DO know. Life isn't just one big guessing game.
And with that note I leave you.


  1. How will you pay for college? How will you get to france? How will you get the money to get to france? Where will you meet your husband?
    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I dont think planning your life when your a middle schooler is appsolutly nessassary. And you havented ironed out the creases yet.

  2. Meh. I'll get there by being fuckin' brilliant =.= I guess writing a book or two would help, assuming I EVER finish one, which I will.

  3. So you love Rent? I like it too!

    Today's word is bessechl. BESS-ETCH-EL. kinda funny.

  4. I want to study abroad in France as well.

    Rent is always great.