Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some will win, some will lose.

I have absolutely no idea when school starts.
Well! The last two days were indeed fun. Vera, for Christmas, got me The Sims 2: Bon Voyage (which is well received), and a....uh....New Moon calendar. I know, I know. And last year she got me a horse calendar (which I have not been obsessed with since elementary school). Is she trying to make a habit of getting me calendars of things I kinda-like-but-am-not-very-interested-in?
Yesterday I hung out with Lolo! :D We went to the mall for, like, two hours, during which we did a lot of walking and talking but not a lot of shopping, and Lolo tried a mocha frap and liked it. Then we went SWIMMING. Well, Lolo did. I tried, but alas, no. But I like being in water. So whatever. And then we hung out at Lolo's house for a couple hours, played an awesome card game, and had fettucini alfredo. It was a good day.
Today was Gigi's party, but I had to scramble at the last minute for her gift, so bleh. While there, though, I did make several clay figurines, which is always of course enjoyable.
I really, really need iTunes money! I have to buy apps for my lovely now iPod Touch, and preferably a lot of them, but my parents want me to spend my $30 Best Buy gift card on a phone case that I do NOT need or want, which sucks. Bah! Phones look weird with cases anyway. BAH!
So, I keep remembering this story I made up one time, actually to go into another story. I didn't think much of it then, but now I am....a human named Eliza, who lives in the kingdom of Sheall, falls in love with a fairy soldier named Jakkob. Of course, this is a little frowned upon, seeing as humans are considered lesser by the fairies and fairies are considered just plain enemies by the humans. Anyway, their secret love progresses, and Eliza has a dream that Jakkob proposes to her, so naturally she thinks this is what's going to happen. BUT, when he meets with her the next night at the gates of Sheall, he tells her he is leaving her for the fairy princess, Morganna.
The rest of the story (it is a short story, after all), is Eliza wandering around Sheall, contemplating how hopelessly in love she was with him. It doesn't really have an ending; it's maybe 10 pages long, but I really like the idea.

So. Good night. Have a wonderful winter break, etc etc, and I shall post something a little less short later.


  1. Sounds like you've definitely been having a super de duperly enjoyable break so far, so yay :D And I like the fairy idea! Those kinds of fantasy stories are always so much fun to read. Have a good day :)

  2. Yeah, you made figurines, but were they edible?

    RE: Thanks. And thanks for the picture, but I'm not much of a puppy lover.

    I don't collect calenders, but upon further speculation, I realize come 2011 I can cut them up and make neat collages out of the pictures.

    Yeah, Scotland and pandas.

  3. New Moon calendar. ha. horse calendar. haha.

    phone cases are stupid. so stupid! i hate them. sorry bout it.

    Imated. that word is..i don't even know. but its not funny or epic or cool. Not as cool as Cesodsto!