Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If I told you I loved you, what would you say?

Sometimes I think my friend is right. I'm just deluded myself into thinking I like him. I want to like him. I guess that's true, to an extent. I need something to think about. I need someone to occupy my mind 24/7. I love thinking about people...I guess that doesn't make much sense, but I do. But really. He's the one that constantly gives me something to think about. He's the one that fascinates me on a daily basis.
If I have someone else to think about (Tyler, for instance [haha...haven't mentioned him in a while]) then I'll momentarily forget him. But as soon as that other person is gone, I go write back to him. He's the default.

Well! I finished not one, but two books today! And they would be: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen and City of Glass by Cassandra Clare. For the first one, I liked it, but it was a bit, er, graphic, and it made me detest even more the idea of getting old. Buuuuuuuuut it was written really well, so. As for the second one, I loved it (even though I thought it played out a little too perfectly...) and I LOVED the entire scene with Raziel (I have a slight obsession with angels...lol). I wished Clary had given more thought to the fact that a heartless demon was her brother, but besides that, it was pretty darn awesome :)

And that.....it all I have to write about.


  1. sorry that you're stuck on him. :( maybe with time, you'll get over him. they say time heals everything...


  2. p.s Pallahap was my pretty funny word verification. for this p.s. comment the verification is Mutas. sounds like a greek god. MUTAS!

  3. on the other hand, you could just push him off a cliff...