Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Just finished reading How to Say Goodbye in Robot. Oh my God. My heart is actually broken. Over fictional characters. I mean I always say how I don't want a happy ending, because more often than not they're stupid, but this story needed a happy ending. It deserved it. The entire thing was just devastatingly perfect, and I just...I want a Jonah. I want a Jonah without ever saying goodbye.


  1. i will read that book asap.

    ha, yes iTunes giftcard!

    sorry about Vera. :(

    Manly Sad. haha yay! i'm on your favorite quotes list! i feel special.

    Berst, lol!

    my word verification is halira, not exactly chuckle worthy.

  2. *adds book to list of must-reads* The author's name is Natalie, is it not? That makes me feel special... ;]

    I find it amazing how fictional characters aren't even real, but yet we get so wrapped up with their lives that they might as well be!