Sunday, May 16, 2010


'414' is a really awkward number, no? I mean, just look at it. It's awkward. It doesn't flow right.
So, I have this scene in my head. An epic scene. A sacrificial scene, really. I can't decide where it takes place. In the future, or the past? I imagine some terrible, gory battle somewhere. I imagine the heroes of the story falling in one last blaze of glory, with one remaining; one who wasn't in the battle. Because he/she's a coward? Maybe.
Or, I imagine the heroes about to save the world or whatever it is their doing, when suddenly something terrible happens like a bomb goes off and they're all consumed in a blast of fire, with only the time to realize everything they did was in vain before they die. Yeah, something like that.
Ooh...I've always wanted to write some kind of love story that just sets itself up for a happy ending and then something terrible and unexpected happens, like the chicky gets hit by a car at the very end, write in front of her lover-boy. Yes, I am case you were wondering.
Today was dull. I've had a headache all day. It got really bad after the terribly sugary strawberry-pineapple Sprite I got from Nifty Fifties. It was delicious, but so sugary--instant headache.
Yesterday was my dad's birthday. I think I mentioned this? Anyway, we looked at yard sales and played mini golf :) Oh, and ate cake.
I am terribly dreading school tomorrow. I really just don't want to see anyone, you know? Besides my friends...
And now, for your viewing pleasure:


  1. omg. i am going to kill you. the girl gets hit by a car infront of her love? THAT IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU TO DO WITH EMMA FOR THE LAST MONTH! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!

  2. did you really just say that an animated lion is smexy while singing? seriously? scar is creepy! and he's ANIMATED! well...think what you will, but i still think he's creepy.

    don't worry about me. i'm having a LOT of appointments this week to figure out a solution. so all is well. well, it will be.

    efsty. again, i don't even know.

  3. That'd be a pretty epic-ly tragic ending indeed.

    There's strawberry-pineapple Sprite?! That sounds really good O:

    Happy belated birthday to your dad!

    I don't want to go to school tomorrow, either :/ Especially since I have to wake up for it in less than six hours and have yet to go to bed...

  4. "slounsco".
    where do they get these security messages? but anyway, isn't that what happened in The Book Thief? In the end, everyone but Liesel and Max die from a bomb explosion. So, your idea isn't very originaly. and like mesy said, haven't we been telling you to kill Emma? (well, mostly her, but still)