Saturday, May 15, 2010

My thoughts on...

Yep. I'm going to go there. I'm going to bore you all with a long rant on my feelings on the Big Guy.
If you're wondering why...I've been reading a lot of posts about people's feelings on God, and, like a true animal of the herd, I decided to jump ship. Oops. That's not the right phrase! I decided to...join...the...herd? Ugh, unnecessary repitition.
Okay. So. Let's begin.
I believe in God. And Jesus. I guess that makes me Christian? If I am, I'm a terrible Christian. I don't pray particularly often...I've never read the Bible, only kid's versions of it...the only, what, two (?) times I've stepped into a church was for a class trip and a wedding. I'm an avid fan of evolution. I mean, hell, isn't science just another religion? Isn't the entire purpose of science to name things we couldn't previously explain? JUST LIKE OTHER RELIGIONS? There needs to be a new religion. It's basis: There's a big guy(s) in the sky who is the cause/guiding factor/King of Awesomeness and is the reason we're all here. There. That is a new religion, officially. I call it: Strawberrynism [straw-bear-in-izum]. Or Strawberrynity [straw-bear-en-eh-tee]
Anyway. Strawberrynism aside. That's what I believe. It doesn't make sense to me that some all-powerful being would just point a finger and make everything JUST AS IT WAS. If we really are all the children of God....well, don't parents just love watching their kids grow up? Wouldn't He rather give us a helping start (i.e. creating us) than just throw us in the middle of the bull ring? That makes more sense to me, honestly. I think God is the hand guiding evolution, basically. Of course, religion is manmade...anyway...I believe there IS a God or gods guiding evolution. Maybe His name is Joe.
Oh, did I say I believed in God? Right. I forgot to mention: I don't believe in religion. In fact, there may be nothing I despise more. Maybe because I despise fanaticism. Maybe because people use religion as an kill, to hate, to push their own beliefs. People have faith so they can go to sleep thinking they know the answers to some impossible questions, but people created religion because they were convinced their own answers were right. I think faith is akin to hope; I think religion exploits it.
Oh, and Jesus. Frankly, I don't care if he could walk on water or not. He wasn't telling people to kill each other! His lessons were good ones, even if hard to uphold. He was trying to get people to be better, and the Christian church adopted his lessons as their own.
Hmmmm....just in case you were wondering, I am not Catholic in any way.
It occurs to me that most people who post about their religion are really on one side or the other, not on the fence like I am. No, that's not the right phrase. A little persuasion would definitely not topple me over to one side.

Really, though, when I stand outside in the middle of a storm, watching trees do some terrible dance in the wind; watching the sky flash brilliant white, blinding white; when I do that, I don't see God or science. I don't sense some outer vastness that I can't comprehend. In fact I may be so confined within myself--my soul may be so cut off from this display--that I don't see anything at all.
Just an idea.
When you die, you ascend. Your soul becomes part of the universe. If their is a heaven, it's because your conscious (spelled wrong?) remains. The idea of heaven, or hell, while an interesting idea and certainly a good deterrent from sinning at all, just doesn't work out for me. It makes sense, in a blind-faith way, but not in a probable way.

I don't like this post at all.


  1. i dont like it, either. and btw, most of people dont push their religions. this could be considered offensive. lucky you, i dont take offense. of anything, actually. so if i were the kind of person that did, you would really bother me.

  2. I was actually just having a discussion with my mom about religion in the car, haha. I don't know, I guess I'm kind of agnosticly atheist. I'm not saying it's impossible that there's a God, but I just don't personally think so. It seems like religion just kind of got created in order to explain things we don't understand, like how we got here and where we go when we die. To give us a sense of comfort when terrible things are going on.

    But yeah, it's just stupid how many wars were fought and people were killed over differences in religion :/